Tuesday, July 22

Pluto Nash of the Day

Every fantasy owner has a common goal: they're all looking for the next best thing. The next Adrain Peterson, minus the inconsistency. By the way, want to hear more about Peterson and the players I feel will be the next best thing? Check back Friday when Tosten and I release our....drumroll please.....2008 draft kit! I know you're more excited than John Madden was when he heard Brett Favre may come back. I digress. Anyway, there is a certain player who I feel fantasy owners are jumping the gun on a little too quickly. Matt Forte/RB Chicago: Now, I don't think he'll be garbage this year. However, I think he is being overvalued in draft, especially after fantasy owners saw what then rookie Adrain Peterson did last year. For starters, let's not forget he is a rookie. He's unproven obviously. And he only played well in one year of college, at Tulane nonetheless. The possibility that he is a one year wonder isn't out of the question. Secondly, I question how good of a fit he is for the Bears. Their style of play is one where a back makes one cut and takes off, this made more evident by their drafting of Chris Williams in the draft. Forte is more power than speed and agility. Thomas Jones, a one cut type of guy, succeeded, while Cedric Benson, a power (if you can call him that) type, did not. Thirdly, the addition of Kevin Jones doesn't help Forte's value. When healthy, Jones is more than capable of making an impact. Even if the ex-Lion doesn't come back until week six, the "rookie wall" will be right around the corner for Forte. A back to split time with and the looming possibility of a rookie wall? No thanks.

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