Friday, August 22

Mike Nolan Names Sullivan Starting Quarterback Going Into the Regular Season

I've gotten tired of the NFL News Wire Rundowns. There's been a lot less of them lately as I'm sure (or maybe not...) you've noticed. They just seem trivial because I get the feeling that if you're committed to fantasy football enough to be reading a stupid, tiny, little fantasy site like this one, you probably know most of the big news in the football world already. Don't worry though. My dry, dumb, one liners and jokes will not go to waste completely. That is, if you don't think they're garbage already. Instead I'll just be posting about single news stories as soon after I find them as possible when I get home from my real life. And then I'll make fun of them. In a conference call with reporters this afternoon, Mike Nolan officially named JTo (that's what I call him; just admit it, you know it sounds cool) the starter for the regular season opener against Arizona. Photobucket He's only played in 6 games his whole career, he was out of the league in 2005 and 2006, and he's thrown for 148 passing yards his whole career, but as crazy as it sounds, I think he's a decent backup quarterback in a 12 or 14 team league. It's not important that he's only passed the ball 26 times in the NFL, ever. All you need to know is that he's the quarterback in a Mike Martz offense. He has Bryant Johnson, who some people think is actually somewhat not crappy, Isaac Bruce, a polished, experienced veteran, Vernon Davis, who some people think is an elite tight end (oh wait, that was Davis who said that), and a top running back in Frank Gore at his disposal. So he has some moderately average weapons to work with. Mike Martz will somehow make him relevant. In a related story, Alex Smith is now officially the worst #1 overall pick in recent history. He just lost his starting job to a guy who played football at UC-Davis and who has completed an amazing 13 passes. Seriously. Ryan Leaf, make room in the doghouse. You have a new roomate. Oh by the way, neither ESPN or Yahoo! Sports has this news story up on their site yet.
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Wednesday, August 20

Steven Jackson Ends His Holdout

I've gotten tired of the NFL News Wire Rundowns. There's been a lot less of them lately as I'm sure (or maybe not...) you've noticed. They just seem trivial because I get the feeling that if you're committed to fantasy football enough to be reading a stupid, tiny, little fantasy site like this one, you probably know most of the big news in the football world already. Don't worry though. My dry, dumb, one liners and jokes will not go to waste completely. That is, if you don't think they're garbage already. Instead I'll just be posting about single news stories as soon after I find them as possible when I get home from my real life. And then I'll make fun of them. Currently, Yahoo! Sports doesn't even have this up on their site yet. Adam Schefter of reports that Steamin' Steven plans to return to training camp on Thursday and end his 27 day hold out. The Rams organization has agreed to start negotiating a new deal with Jackson and his agent and supposedly Eugene Parker and Rams President Jay Zygmunt have already begun discussions. I guess St. Louis realized that it will probably be hard for them to succeed if they don't have their best player. Makes sense. Either that or SJax ran out money and couldn't afford weird bandanna things anymore. Photobucket Whatever the reason, the thing that matters is that Jackson is back in uniform and now an even better choice at 4th overall after idiots have taken Adrian Peterson over him. Oh by the way, I just realized how to tag posts. I guess that's important for organization and crap. SJax you're the inaugural tagged post. Lucky you.
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Alex's Fantasy Football Rankings

Yes, I love to refer myself in third person. Like Tosten, my rankings will be in tiers. Unlike Tosten's rankings, mine are accurate. Next to each players name, I will have where I ranked that player in my previous rankings which were combined with Tosten's in our draft kit. Enjoy! QB: 1. Tom Brady (2) 2. Peyton Manning (1) 3. Drew Brees (3) 4. Tony Romo (4) 5. Ben Roethlisberger (5) 6. Matt Hasselbeck (6) 7. Carson Palmer (7) 8. Marc Bulger (8) 9. David Garrard (11) 10. Derek Anderson (9) 11. Donavon McNabb (12) 12. Jay Cutler (10) 13. Brett Favre (35) 14. Jake Delhomme (13) 15. Aaron Rodgers (17) 16. Matt Schaub (14) 17. Eli Manning (16) 18. Matt Leinart (21) 19. Jason Campbell (15) 20. Philip Rivers (18) 21. Trent Edwards (19) 22. Jeff Garcia (20) 23. Jon Kitna (22) 24. JaMarcus Russell (29) 25. Chad Pennington (37) 26. J.T. O'Sullivan (NR) 27. Tarvaris Jackson (24) 28. Vince Young (25) 29. Brodie Croyle (33) 30. Kyle Boller (NR) 31. Luke McCown (30) 32. Alex Smith (28) 33. Matt Ryan (32) 34. Sage Rosenfels (31) 35. Kyle Orton (NR) 36. Kurt Warner (27) 37. Kellen Clemens (23) 38. Brady Quinn (34) 39. Trent Green (NR) 40. Billy Volek (NR) Tier 1 - The two elite QB's. Moved Manning down because of his bursa sac injury. (the name alone sounds painful) I think there's a much greater concern over Manning's injury than Brady's. Tier 2 - A slight notch down from Peyton and Brady, but still excellent #1's with upside. Tier 3 - Hasselbeck and Palmer are very good #1's, but either: don't have a lot of upside like guys ahead of him (Hasselbeck) or have questions surronding his receiving corps (Palmer) Tier 4 - Decent #1's, but none of them are locks to stay that way. Brett Favre is in that mix, but if I talk about him on here anymore, I'm afraid that Sportscenter might do an hour special about it. Tier 5 - Quality backups, fringe starters. A lot of the guys in this tier are improving and have upside. Tier 6 - The best of the bunch before the near undraftable tier. Tier 7 - Guess I already gave it away in Tier 6; a lot of these guys won't get drafted, but I was told to rank 40 QB's.... RB: 1. LT (1 - come on, like he's going anywhere in my rankings) 2. Brian Westbrook (2) 3. Steven Jackson (3) 4. Clinton Portis (5) 5. Larry Johnson (4) 6. Frank Gore (5) 7. Marshawn Lynch (7) 8. Adrian Peterson (9) 9. Willis McGahee (8) 10. Joseph Addai (10) 11. Marion Barber (11) 12. Thomas Jones (13) 13. Ryan Grant (12) 14. Brandon Jacobs (14) 15. Jamal Lewis (17) 16. Laurence Maroney (16) 17. Earnest Graham (15) 18. Micheal Turner (19) 19. Edge James (18) 20. Maurice Jones-Drew (20) 21. Willie Parker (23) 22. LenDale White (17) 23. Jonathan Stewart (22) 24. Reggie Bush (23) 25. Selvin Young (29) 26. Justin Fargas (26) 27. Julius Jones (24) 28. Fred Taylor ( 27) 29. Chestor Taylor (25) 30. Kevin Smith (28) 31. Ricky Williams (36) 32. Darren McFadden (32) 33. Ronnie Brown (21) 34. Rashard Mendenhall (34) 35. Rudi Johnson (31) 36. Matt Forte (33) 37. DeAngelo Williams (35) 38. Chris Brown (40) 39. Jerious Norwood (39) 40. Kenny Watson (38) 41. Chris Johnson (NR - I may or may not have forgotten about him last time) 42. Duece McAllister (42) 43. Fred Jackson (37) 44. Maurice Morris (45) 46. Ray Rice (54) 47. Ladell Betts (46) 48. Dominic Rhodes (49) 49. Steve Slaton (NR) 50. Leon Washington (50) 51. Tatum Bell (NR) 52. Ahmad Bradshaw (44) 53. Chris Perry ( NR) 54. Sammy Morris (41) 55. Warrick Dunn (47) 56. Andre Hall (NR) 57. Kevin Jones (48) 58. Felix Jones ( 58) 59. Antonio Pittman (NR) 60. Tim Hightower (55) 61. Brandon Jackson ( 56) 62. Marcus Mason (NR - Plays for the Redskins) 63. Jason Wright ( 57) 64. Jamaal Charles ( 52) 65. Marcel Shipp (NR) 66. Jalen Parmele (NR - RB for the Dolphins - Ask yourself, how much do you trust Ricky and Ronnie?) 67. Jacob Hester ( NR) 68. Lamont Jordan (NR) 69. Lorenzo Booker (59) 70. Derrick Ward (NR) Tier 1 - LT finally has company in Tier 1. Tier 2 - Watch out Steven Jackson. If your holdout continues, Portis may overtake your spot. No joke, Portis is that good. All the guys in this tier are excellent #1 backs. Tier 3 - Still number one backs in this tier, but with more question marks whether that be health issues (McGahee), unproveness, if that's a real word (Barber) or the multitude of reasons to hate Addai this year including: Relying on touchdowns, dropoff in production in the second half of the season and much, much more! Tier 4 - I'd comfortabley take any of these guys as my #2 back. Tier 5 - Weaker #2 options, great flex guys. Tier 6 - Average flex options. Tier 7 - Some more rookies come into the mix along with the first major handcuff, Chester Taylor. Must have for Peterson owners. Tier 8 - Some upside guys in the first couple of slots. The latter of the tier is mainly handcuffs. Tier 9 - Mostly handcuffs. A few upside rookies though like Parmele. WR: 1. Randy Moss (1) 2. Reggie Wayne (2) 3. Terrell Owens (3) 4. Larry Fitzgerald (4) 5. Torry Holt (5) 6. Braylon Edwards (6) 7. Andre Johnson (7) 8. Marques Colston (8) 9. Chad Johnson (9) 10. T.J. Houshmanzadeh (10) 11. Plaxico Burress (11) 12. Jerricho Cotchery (15) 13. Anquan Boldin (14) 14. Santonio Holmes (23) 15. Wes Welker (16) 16. Brandon Marshall (10) 17. Roddy White (21) 18. Steve Smith (13) 19. Donald Driver (19) 20. Dwayne Bowe (22) 21. Greg Jennings (20) 22. Marvin Harrison (19) 23. Roy Williams (24) 24. Nate Burleson (34) 25. Derrick Mason (29) 26. Laveranues Coles (36) 27. Lee Evans (25) 28. Chris Chambers (26) 29. Hines Ward (30) 30. Joey Galloway (28) 31. Anthony Gonzalez (27) 32. Calvin Johnson (33) 33. Santana Moss (31) 34. Jerry Porter (38) 35. Robert Meachem (54) 36. Bernard Berrian (35) 37. Isaac Bruce (37) 38. Drew Bennett (39) 39. Reggie Brown (43) 40. D.J. Hackett (47) 41. Courtney Taylor (51) 42. Kevin Walter (40) 43. Vincent Jackson (48) 44. Sidney Rice (41) 45. Justin Gage (50) 46. Reggie Williams (46) 47. Devin Hester (NR) 48. Desean Jackson (NR) 49. Ike Hillard (66) 50. Ted Ginn Jr. (44) 51. Darrell Jackson (42) 52. Josh Morgan (NR) 53. Ben Obomanu (NR) 54. Donte Stallworth (52) 55. Steve Smith (NYG - 56) 56. Eddie Royal (NR) 57. Ronald Curry (58) 58. Chris Henry (NR) 59. Sam Hurd (61) 60. Amani Toomer (60) 61. James Hardy (57) 62. Bryant Johnson (NR) 63. Jabar Gaffney (64) 64. Mushin Muhhammad (NR) 65. Steve Breaston (NR) 66. Kevin Curtis (32) 67. Earl Bennett (55) 68. Hank Baskett (NR) 69. Laurent Robinson (NR) 70. James Jones (NR) 71. Limas Sweed (45) 72. Jordan Kent (NR) 73. Marcus Smith (NR) 74. Antwaan Randle El (NR) 75. Kennan Burton (NR) Tier 1 - The two top dogs of the WR's. No worries whatsoever if you daft either of them. Tier 2 - Excellent #1's, just slightly worse than Moss and Wayne. Tier 3 - A couple of high upside choices (Cotchery and Holmes) so you may want to be cautious of having them as your #1 right now. They're better suited as strong #2's. Everyone else on that tier is a solid number one. Tier 4 - The two suspendees fall into this tier. If you take either one of them, make sure you have a Plan B for the first few weeks. Good #2's to be found in this tier. Tier 5 - Some OK #2's; better bench options if you ask me. Tier 6 - Not starter material, but a lot of potential from guys in this tier. Tier 7 - Some sleepers to be found (Morgan, Royal, and Desean Jackson). You can get most of these guys late or scoop them up on the waiver wire. Tier 8 - Some more guys with high upside with a few savy veterans into the mix. TE: 1. Jason Witten (1) 2. Antonio Gates (2) 3. Tony Gonzalez (3) 4. Kellen Winslow Jr. (4) 5. Jeremy Shockey (5) 6. Dallas Clark (6) 7. Chris Cooley (9) 8. Tony Scheffler(9) 9. Heath Miller (8) 10. Todd Heap (11) 11. Vernon Davis (12) 12. Owen Daniels (13) 13. LJ Smith (15) 14. Ben Watson (14) 15. Randy McMicheal (17) 16. Alge Crumpler (7) 17. Ben Utect (20) 18. Zach Miller (21) 19. Donald Lee (16) 20. Kevin Boss (19) 21. Martrez Milner (17) 22. Greg Olsen (23) 23. Leonard Pope (26) 24. Marcedes Lewis (24) 25. Anthony Fasano (23) 26. Dustin Keller (25) 27. John Carlson (27) 28. Dan Campbell (28) 29. Delaine Walker (NR) 30. Desmond Clark (NR) Tier 1 - Witten and Gates, easily the best two TE's in the league. Tier 2 - Either in a high octane offense like Shockey and the Saints or the best receiver on the team like Cooley and the 'Skins. Tier 3 - Average #1 TE's. Most have upside. Tier 4 - Fringe #1 TE's. Health hold some of these guys back. Tier 5 - #2 TE's. Bye week fill ins.
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Tuesday, August 19

IOAE. EIK. Round IV "Wow This Is Getting Old"

So I occasionally post my greatness on this site called Bleacher Report. They actually love me over there. It's a pleasant change. They even think I'm an expert. So they invited me to be in a fantasy football experts draft. For experts. Like me. First Round: 1. Ladainian Tomlinson (Jacob Sloan) 2. Brian Westbrook (Me) 3. Adrian Peterson (Sean Crowe) 4. Joseph Addai (Russel Ivanac) 5. Steven Jackson (Collin Hager) 6. Tom Brady (Andrew Kneeland) 7. Randy Moss (Brendan McGair) 8. Clinton Portis (Matt Something) 9. Marshawn Lynch (Isaac Elyacharshuster) 10. Frank Gore (John Ferriola) Second Round: 10. Marion Barber (John Ferriola) 9. Larry Johnson (Isaac Elyacharshuster) 8. Willis McGahee (Matt Something) 7. Ryan Grant (Brendan McGair) 6. Jamal Lewis (Andrew Kneeland) 5. Terrell Owens (Collin Hager) 4. Maurice Jones-Drew (Russel Ivanac) 3. Darren McFadden (Sean Crowe) 2. Peyton Manning (Me) 1. Reggie Wayne (Jacob Sloan) Third Round: 1. Braylon Edwards (Jacob Sloan) 2. Marques Colston (Me) 3. Tony Romo (Sean Crowe) 4. Andre Johnson (Russel Ivanac) 5. Brandon Jacobs (Collin Hager) 6. Larry Fitzgerald (Andrew Kneeland) 7. Lawrence Maroney (Brendan McGair) 8. Drew Brees (Matt Something) 9. T.J. Houshmandzadeh (Isaac Elyacharshuster) 10. Chad Johnson (John Ferriola) Fourth Round: 10. Steve Smith (John Ferriola) 9. Carson Palmer (Isaac Elyacharshuster) 8. Santonio Holmes (Matt Something) 7. Antonio Gates (Brendan McGair) 6. Willie Parker (Andrew Kneeland) 5. Torry Holt (Collin Hager) 4. Plaxico Burress (Russel Ivanac) 3. Wes Welker (Sean Crowe) 2. Thomas Jones (Me) 1. Michael Turner (Jacob Sloan) The Bad - A suspended Steve Smith, an inconsistent, one-tool Santonio Holmes, a Wes Welker who has only had one relevant season ever (beware of Brandon Stokley syndrome), and the always injured Plaxico Burress all go before Anquan Boldin? Anquan's ceiling is way too high for that to happen. Over the course of his 5 year career he's averaged 97 receptions per 16 games. Matt Leinart is looking like the definite full time starter now. Boldin had 7 more receptions, 94 more yards, and 3 more touchdowns than Fitzgerald during the three games last year when Leinart was the main QB. He's fully healthy now. Plus, he may go to Philly to be McNabb's go to guy. If you can get him after the fourth round it's a huge steal. - Santonio Holmes was the 11th wideout off the board. Can I get a group moan? Holmes relies way too much on touchdowns off the long ball to be taken as a top WR. He's Lee Evans with more hype. His game is undoubtedly prone to inconsistency. Britney Spears except with fantasy production instead of moods. Don't buy into Matthew Berry's love around this guy. He'll fall back to Earth. The Good - I don't know why I bashed myself, Andrew, and Jacob in the last round's review, looking at it now, I really like the Willie Parker and Thomas Jones, 4th round picks. Both are decent #2 running backs that you could get two rounds later than most people are grabbing their #2's. In smaller leagues like this, I wouldn't bash the strategy of waiting a bit to get your second RB in order to grab a couple top wide receivers. These two guys, and also a player like Earnest Graham, are all solid starters, but none of them are sexy. So when you are looking at Larry Fitzgerald or Thomas Jones in the third round, know that most of the other guys in your draft are going to go with the Fitz's of the world. So Jones should last a round later. - Love, love, love the Torry Holt snag. Getting him as the 12th wideout is awesome. He's got the highest floor of anybody in the league; you know you're going to get great production out of him. And this year I think he'll take it back to awesome production. He has his o-line, quarterback, and running back all healthy again and his old coach Al Saunders is the o-coordinator. Think Saunders won't utilize him a ton? Holt has a good chance of being an elite wide receiver again this season. P.S. Do you really care about this mock draft anymore? Am I wasting yours and my time updating you on every round? I kind of think so. Say in the comments how you would rather have me cover mock drafts.
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