Wednesday, July 16

Fantasy Writer Approval Ratings - Gregg Rosenthal

Now here is a guy that stands for everything we advocate here at FFWWH. Quality fantasy info from a quality head of hair. He's rotoworld's golden boy, and just the association with those wonderful pages of html deserve your approval. He's not associated with ESPN, which is just icing on the cake. His feature columns have somewhat cutesy, annoying names, Pancake Blocks and Skinny Posts, and he is a Patriots fan, but man look at his hair. So faithful, commenting, feedback giving readers, approve or disapprove?
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Tuesday, July 15

Pluto Nash of the Day

One could compare fantasy football to the stock market. Each deal with points in some way ( I really don't know how it's used in the stock market. I know next to nothing about it; the only thing I've learned is that a green arrow is good and a red one is bad.) and different company's, or in the case of football, player's value, rises and falls. Yesterday, DOW dropped 210 points.. In other words, that's a major red arrow. Today, we look at a player who's value has been dropping just as much. Vince Young/QB Tennessee : Not really a surprise here, but constantly trying to uncover a sleeper or bust every single day isn't the easiest thing in the world to do. Aside from still have to work out his throwing ability, his footwork and decision making is a tad questionable, Young has a terrible supporting cast. When Justin McCareins is considered to be a big upgrade to your WR core, there's a problem. The Titans didn't address the WR position in the draft until the mid rounds, either. I simply don't get the Titans draft plan. Is this the step-by-step process they follow in the war room during the draft? 1. Draft a position you don't need (RB) 2. Choose a player that isn't even supposed to be drafted (DE William Hayes) 3. After angering enough Titans fans, then draft a speedy mid round WR ( Paul Williams last year, Lavelle Hawkins this year) Couple that with the run-mindedness of the Titans (no team ran the ball more last year than the Titans) and Vince Young won't be a Titan I'll be remembering come draft day.
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Monday, July 14

Man Crush Monday!

Ha. My colleague Alex Kozora has had to write every Man Crush on this site so far. That means he's gayer than me. Ha. And I watch Top Chef. So that's saying something. But because it's in the job description, here we go with my weird, unsafe love for an NFL player. Jonathan Stewart What? Tosten! You know better than to advocate for a rookie running back. Adrian Peterson was a fluke remember? That stuff doesn't happen! I know, I know, I know. I don't care. John Fox hates DeAngelo Williams. Absolutely hates him with a deep, burning passion. He hates him so much that he gave DeShaun Foster over 100 more carries than him last year. Deshaun Foster. That guy is looking like he'll be behind Michael Robinson on the 49ers depth chart! And Jonathan Stewart is way better than DeShaun Foster. He weighs 235 pounds and runs a 4.38. That's beastly. The Panthers took him 13th overall with a jacked up toe. That was substantially higher than anyone projected. What does that mean? Fox and the rest of the Panthers staff love him. So here's JStew, a guy that Carolina loves, and there's DeWill, a guy that Carolina hates. Who do you think will get the majority of the carries? And if Foster (DeShaun Foster! I keep saying it because it's just unbelievable) gets 247 rushes as the main back, then just imagine how many Stewart will end up with. 300 touches isn't out of the question. I'd take a 300 touch, 4.38 running 235 pound monster in a rush first offense with a young, developing offensive line as a high #3 running back and maybe even a low #2 in a 12 or 14 team league. He's a solid 5th round pick in non-keeper leagues. Wow this post ended up getting posted really late. Stinking Josh Hamilton and your distracting ways. Actually, I'm gonna blame it on Bud Selig. He's my favorite All-Star Weekend scapegoat.
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Pluto Nash of the Day

I had to turn away. I had just gotten my weekly issue of Sporting News and flipped open one of the first few pages. When I looked inside, I saw a story about Brett Favre (go figure). The article was about possible other teams Favre may go to. And staring me in the face, was a picture of Favre in a Ravens uniform. Of course, this was just photo cropping, but it was still almost unimaginable to think of Favre sporting a Ravens or any other teams jersey. The horror, the horror; I quickly looked away and closed my magazine. Now, I'm in no way a big Favre fan; please save the John Madden comparisons. But as a fan of the NFL, it would be one of the strangest things if Favre was playing for another team. Sorry for all the Favre talk. It's hard to avoid talking about, it's in the headlines everywhere you turn. I'll turn away from the Favre talk and give you a player I'm sure to turn away from in my drafts. Patrick Crayton/WR Dallas: He's the posterboy for being inconsistent. He lives and dies by whether or not he gets into the end zone. When he scores, he'll produce well enough. When he doesn't, don't expect much. Last year, here are the point totals for Crayton when he reached the end zone: 30, 13, 10, 12, and 16. That's good production. However, here are the point totals from the game in which he did not get into the end zone: 5, 2, -1, 4, 5, 6, and 0. Yikes! With touchdowns being impossible to predict, I'm not going to take a chance on Crayton this year.
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NFL News Wire Rundown - 7/14

Here I am again, on the other side of a five day hiatus in which I slacked off and didn't post anything and which I'll be saying I spent doing charity work. I'm once again scanning the news wire for NFL whisperings and reports because that's just the type of wire whore I am, and all I'm seeing is Brett Favre this, Brett Favre that. I am happy though to see that old Bretty is in the news for actually, publicly saying some actual news rather than because of a reported phone call or his sister's aunt's cousin talking to a reporter. He must have run out of texts on his T-Mobile plan... But everything seems to be normal here in this sporting, blogosphere world that my charity work pulled me away from lately. Everything is about Number 4, Chris Mortenson is still introduced on ESPN as "the man who originally broke the Brett Favre story," and Peter King and John Madden are both still partying knowing that their loverboy is coming back. Only one thing was missing over this period of time, me making you laugh (I mean hopefully that happens when I'm around...) So let's get on with this thing! Childress Says Watching Favre Is Like Watching A Soap Opera Coach Brad Childress refused to comment when asked Sunday if the Vikings would be interested in acquiring Brett Favre.
Favre is under contract, so Childress commenting on him would've been against league policy. "It really is an interesting soap opera to watch from the hinterland up here and watch transpire down south," the coach allowed.
Wait, Childress thinks soap operas are "interesting?" Ok dude, turn in your mancard. As a football coach no less... How can his players respect him knowing that? King Thinks Favre Will End Up In Tampa's Peter King says his money is on Brett Favre being in Tampa Bay Bucs training camp at some point this summer.
King doesn't expect Favre being at Packers camp in two weeks, even if Favre still hasn't been traded. King believes Favre's ideal destination is Minnesota, but getting there would require Green Bay releasing Favre, which is highly unlikely. King calls the Redskins and Ravens other possibilities.
Oh yes Peter, we already know that you throw money on your boy Brett. I'm just surprised Favre's wife is fine with the whole situation. Seahawks Will Wait Til Next Year To Negotiate A Contract With Engram The Seahawks have told Bobby Engram that they will not negotiate a new contract with him until after the season, but he doesn't plan to hold out of training camp.
Engram, who set a franchise record with 94 catches in 2007 and is far and away the most proven wideout on Seattle's 2008 roster, is currently somewhere between 75th and 80th on the league's receiver pay scale. It's hard not to side with the trusty vet on this one, but Engram isn't the type to follow through and hold out.
What kind of extension do you give to a guy who will be 36 at the end of next season? Bobby, I'm sorry, but it looks like they're just putting it off waiting for you to die. Kind of like giving an I.O.U. to a great grandpa when he's in the car on the way to the emergency room. Hamlin and Cowboys Hoping To Get a Contract Signed Soon The Cowboys remain in contract negotiations with franchise player Ken Hamlin and hope to have him signed by Tuesday's deadline.
Hamlin would have to play on his one-year tender if no deal is struck. The deadline for franchise players to sign long-term deals is at exactly 3PM ET Tuesday. Hamlin's agent was reportedly in contact with owner Jerry Jones' son Stephen all last week, so there's a decent chance this will get done.
Did anyone see Ken on Jim Rome's show today? White shirt with a white, v-neck sweater vest? Dallas, give this guy his money so he can get himself a stylist. Brennan Gets Paid Redskins agreed to terms with sixth-round QB Colt Brennan on a four-year, $1.8 million contract. The signing bonus is for just less than $100,000.
Brennan threw 58 TD passes as a junior and completed 72.6% of his attempts. As a senior, he tossed 38 TDs with a 70.4% completion rate. Brennan is often compared to Timmy Chang as an undersized Hawaii QB with a modest arm. But Chang completed only 57% of his throws at UH. If Brennan had enjoyed a better offseason, he may have been a third-round pick. ESPN's John Clayton reports that Brennan has been medically cleared after undergoing hip surgery and is up to 220 lbs.
Thank goodness Washington gave Colt a check. Have you seen his hair? He needs the cash to get a decent haircut. Take notes Dallas. Old Bretty Boy Explains Himself Brett Favre was interviewed by FOXNews' Greta Van Susteren in Mississippi on Monday. The interview will air on Monday night.
"I am guilty of retiring early and there is a reason for that," Favre states. "If I'm going to play it's going to be 100% commitment. The (term) 'itch' has been used. That is the word that has been used if you want to say itch, or the fire is coming back, or whatever." Greta's On the Record program starts at 10ET.
Hey Mr. 4, I live in San Diego. Whenever I turned on the news last October, I didn't keep saying, "I have an itch! I have an itch!" Kevin Jones Is Waiting Free agent Kevin Jones said on Sirius NFL Radio Monday that he'll wait for the "right situation" before signing with a team.
It sounds like Jones might wait a few weeks into camp and sign with a team that incurs an injury at tailback. Since he's coming off reconstructive knee surgery, it wouldn't be a bad idea for Jones to wait and heal a while longer.
Kevin defined "right situation" as a scenario in which a team offered him a contract.
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