Tuesday, July 8

Rip Van Winkle Day

Sorry to keep all my readers waiting (all 3 of them). Instead of a midnight snack, tonight, I present to you a midnight sleeper. Taylor Melhaff/K New Orleans: Yes, I actually cared enough to write about a kicker. Last year, the surprise kickers were Nick Folk and Mason Crosby. In 2006, it was Robbie Gould. Could Melhaff be next? In the Saints offense, why not? New Orleans has a strong offense, and it has seemed to benefit rookie kickers in the past. Folk was in the high octane Dallas offense, and Crosby was the guy in the Brett Favre gunslinging Packers offense. Melhaff isn't facing much competition either. Martin Gramatica is the only other possibility and well, that isn't much. Teams usually don't draft kickers and those who do want that selection to prove worthwhile.

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