Wednesday, December 31

Our first bit of fan mail ever, brace yourself

Hey, check this out, fellas, one of you actually e-mailed us. Not to ask a question, mind you. Not to wish us Happy New Year either. No, all this noble follower wanted to do was kiss our feet. And creep us out. Pay attention.

I know there are 4 of you guys, but i'm looking for Chidi29 from the ESPN boards. I just want to thank you guys all for the great site/blog and for helping other people win there championships. But the real reason why i'm writing is to explain what Chidi did was a brave move, and it turned my season around. Before the season, Alex (think thats his name) would not stop talking about how much he HATED ADDAI. So I listened to him, and avoided addai with the dreaded 5th pick I had. You saved me there, thanks again! Alex, i'm "will to win" from the ESPN boards. You should hook me up with your AIM, Yahoo, or MSN!! Great call on Addai! PS : I still have my mancrush on you!"
That was really, really weird. And totally awesome. And for the record, that was the first email all year. You tards, read the sidebar. The email address has been there all year. And at the bottom of every post, paired with cute little one-liners. We want to talk fantasy football with you guys. We'll be here all off season. Hit us up. Happy New Year. Heck yes we get fan mail.

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