Friday, June 20

Welcome to Your New Favorite Fantasy Football Site

Hello kind sir, and welcome to the best fantasy football site that the internet has to offer. After playing this game for years and being disappointed with the low amounts of comedic talent, intelligence, and most obviously, hair among the current fantasy football writing community, Alex Kozora and I, Tosten Burks, two funny and smart guys with full heads of hair, decided to take it upon ourselves to give the world a better type of fantasy football site. After months of meditation and prayer, and consultation with the top marketing experts in the field (who just happened to be guys in this one fantasy league we're in), we bring you this blog. Over the next few weeks, we will start to delve into the nerdy, sometimes humorous, and always correct fantasy football content that we've planned for you. This includes sleepers, busts, news reports, player debates, mancrushes (hey, don't judge, I'm from California), and the American pastime that is media member bashing. That's right, you'll get to make fun of Matthew Berry all you want in the safe confines of The best part about this site is that we care about you the reader! If you have a joke you've just been dying to get out, or an email with funny pictures of kittens doing funny things, or maybe even some questions, comments, suggestions, or quips about the site, hit us up at And don't forget to comment on the articles. (And click on the ads. That goes towards my gas money. And I don't drive a stinking Prius.) So you ready? Ready to get blown away by the next generation of fantasy football content? Ready to hear dumb jokes all the time? Ready to hear how much I love Steven Jackson? Ready for me to stop asking if you're ready? Ok! Where Amazing Happens.

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Brett said...

Aww, no reference to me about the logo...I'm very very disappointed. :)

Anyway, good first post, very entertaining, and, I loved the part about California and man crushes. Already a lot better than Matthew stinkin' Berry.