Monday, June 23

Rip Van Winkle of the Day

Before I get into any fantasy analysis, I would like to say I'm glad to be apart of this blog. I know that both Tosten and myself are committed to keeping up with the blog. Of course, they said Nick Saban and Bobby Petrino were committed; I digress. However, I feel that this blog has already hit rock bottom after only one other entry. How is that possible, you may ask? It appears that our slogan is the same one the NBA has, "where amazing happens". Can you believe that? This blog has only been up for a few day's and we've already resorted to stealing cheap line's off of the NBA. If there is any light at the end of the tunnel, it's that we have nowhere to go but up. I suppose it is my job to right this ship and get it back on track. That's enough rambling out of me for the day. Let's delve into some fantasy football talk, the reason you came here. You know, besides for my awesome jokes. Each day, I will post a player I consider to be a "bust" or a "sleeper". If you have a 5th grade education or better, you can tell that I'll be discussing a sleeper today. These aren't your ordinary sleepers; I won't be saying Thomas Jones is a sleeper. Because he isn't. He's a well known player in the fantasy community; that is not a sleeper. I know you're dying to know who my player of choice will be and I won't make you wait a minute longer: Courtney Taylor/WR Seattle: Who? You may not have heard his name yet, but he may very well be on your fantasy team sometime this season. Taylor is entering his second year in the league. With DJ Hackett sporting a Panthers jersey and Deion Branch looking to be a long time away from being back on the field, Taylor has a great opportunity to make some noise on the depth charts. The coaches appear to like Taylor's potential; meaning, he'll be given plenty of chances to produce. With a solid QB in Matt Hasselback and a pass happy Seattle team, Taylor could be a productive slot man. Engram worked a lot out of the slot last year, and looked what happened; he became a valuable asset to a lot of fantasy owner's. I won't go as far to say Taylor will put up the same number's as Engram did last year, but he may be worthy of a bench spot in deep leagues.

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