Saturday, August 9

Finally This Pain in the Butt Is Done

Hey remember me? That guy who said he had a sweet fantasy football draft kit coming soon for you? Yes, yes, the idiot who obviously defines "soon" as a month or two. Well about that, I was on vacation for two weeks. And then I had about 12349 different technical difficulties. And then I stopped to grab a sandwich, and came back a week and a half later. Or something like that. So this cute little introduction that I wrote up has been sitting in my Blogger "Unfinished Posts" section since July 25th. Good thing all you smart FFWWH readers out there don't do any drafts until mid to late August or even early September and thus you haven't needed this yet. I apologize ahead of time if it tastes a bit stale. It's probably past its expiration date.

It is our honor here at Fantasy Football Writers With Hair to present to you, your one stop shop for fantasy draft prep goodness, the 2008 FFWWHDK. The Fantasy Football Writers With Hair Draft Kit. Man that’s catchy. In our attempt to provide you with everything you need for your four hours at Hooters, inside you’ll find cheat sheets, sleepers/bust analysis, and more. And just for you, we brought in Phil from to help you even further in your attempt to dominate that annoying guy with your stapler two cubicles down in your office. Enjoy.

Rankings Cheat Sheet

The Famous Rip Van Winkles and Pluto Nashes (Sleepers and Busts)

Offensive Line Analysis

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