Tuesday, September 16

Running the Wire

Screwing League Mates Over By Stealing The Missing Pieces Of The Puzzle That They Need 101
Another week of frantic panic for fantasy owners. Lose another Seattle WR? Who hasn't? They've been dropping like rumors of Lane Kiffin being fired. Your high draft pick still unable to put up the numbers in back-to-back week (*coughCarsonPalmerandJosephAddaicough*)? Here are a few guys that you can turn to in a pinch.
Gold Wire Pick Ups:
Isaac Bruce/WR 49ers: After a poor showing in Week 1, he came out of nowhere last week and posted some more than solid numbers. This week he gets the joy of going up against the Lions' defense. And if you haven't heard, the Lions' are terrible against the pass. The Packers lit it up against them last week with Aaron Rodgers throwing for three touchdowns. Josh Morgan hasn't really been a factor either. He doesn't seem to be a threat to cut into Bruce's playing time. He's currently available in over 40% of leagues.
Justin Gage/WR Titans: Vince Young out (for the time being), Kerry Collins in. When that happens, the Titans win. My rhyming skills are comparable to that of Dr. Seuss. Seriously though, Gage had a much more productive week with Collins under center. Granted, it was against the Bengals' defense, but Houston's isn't that much stronger. Gage is currently available in over 70% of leagues.
Michael Bush/RB Raiders: I'll repeat what I said in a previous article: Who needs to pass in Oakland? No one, that's who. Over 300 yards of running played a big role in getting Oakland the win last week against the Chiefs. Justin Fargas got hurt, giving Bush a chance to show what he can do. 90 yards and a touchdown later, I'm writing about him. It's currently unclear if and how much time Fargas will miss, but if he is out for any period of time, Bush is a guy to scoop up. He's only owned in a mere 6% of ESPN leagues.
Copper Wire Pick Ups:
Amani Toomer/WR Giants: Similar to Bruce, Toomer had a quiet week 1. He bounced back from that nicely in Week 2, putting up nearly 70 yards and a score against a pitiful Rams' defense. He gets to have a chance of a repeat performance this week as he matches up against a weak Bengals pass defense. This defense is even weaker with the losses of Dexter Jackson and possibly Jonathan Joseph for Week 3. Plaxico Burress is likely to be getting a lot of attention this week, and while I do expect him to have a good week, Toomer should have just as many opportunities. He's available in about 70% of leagues.
Koren Robinson/WR Seahawks: Hot off the press, Robinson was just signed by Seattle to help add depth after the Seahawks lost Logan Payne for the year and Seneca Wallace for possibly a month. You know things are bad when your QB/WR may no longer be an option. Robinson knows the offense a little bit, as he's an ex-Seahawk. That'll give him an advantage over Keary Colbert, for whom Seattle just traded. With Courtney Taylor's struggles so far this year, Robinson could get moved into the starting lineup. At the very least, he should be the #2. After a rough first two weeks, Seattle should be able to take its anger out on the Rams defense. Honestly, who couldn't beat up that defense? Robinson is only owned in .1% of leagues. I'd like to know who in the world stashed him on their bench before this week? Jerious Norwood/RB Falcons: Atlanta isn't too shabby against scrub teams (See: Week 1, Detriot) and they get another this week, as they play Kansas City—the same Chiefs defense that gave up over 300 yards last week to the Raiders. Funny, Atlanta rushed for over that mark against the Lions. Seeing how Atlanta could have a field day, Norwood could again see more playing time. He may wind up as the Michael Bush of this week. Chicken Wire Pick Ups
Brian Griese/QB Tampa Bay: Not too many other QB options out there, and Griese has again gotten the starting nod at QB this week. He gets a chance at revenge against his former team, the Bears. Not the greatest of pickups, but if you're desperate, you're desperate. Right now, he's owned in under 3% of leagues. LaMont Jordan/RB Patriots: Jordan ran well last week against the Jets. He was showing off that bruising style he had a few years ago before the Oakland debacle. Now with the Patriots, he's slowly starting to reinvent himself. Miami is the Pats next victim...er, I mean opponent. (Come on—Brady or not, the Pats are still a force to be reckoned with. And the Dolphins are still acting very "Miami-like".) I like Jordan over Morris mainly because Sammy is little more than a TD vulture, which can be unpredictable. Jordan has the opportunity for carries and yards. LaMont also has a good track record against Miami: In 2004, Jordan rushed for 115 yards and a score against the Dolphins, and in 2005, he rushed for nearly 100 yards and two scores. Jordan is owned in under 20% of leagues.

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