Saturday, September 27

Straight Outta The Man Cave: Week Four Man Crushes

Is there a better activity in the world than chilling down in the man cave discussing football and girls? Red blooded American males say it in unison, "No." Of course not. This is why every Thursday FFWWH will let you all in on our own couch talk about football. And girls. And football playing girls. The down side? Football playing girls don't matter in the type of fantasy football that this site is specifically about. So uhh, we kind of had to improvise and work with what we have. So, umm, this feature will be about our mancrushes. (Ya, ya, cue the "figures, he's from California" jokes, blah, blah.) Moving on. Here's each of our respective man crushes for week 4. A-Koz (who so graciously wrote this approximately 39 hours after his deadline) It's a somewhat obvious choice, but you have to go with Trent Edwards of the Bills. He's playing against the Rams. That right there should be all you need to know. If you've been living under a rock for the past four weeks, the Rams are a complete mess. They just released one of their starting CB's (Fakir Brown) and the team is likely going to start a riot any second now. Edwards has looked much improved this season, and has the potential to be one of the better QB's in this league. Stat Boy (Ain't that cute, Zach and Alex match! I bet they called each other) Any time someone is playing the Rams, they should be started on any and all fantasy teams—including Trent Edwards, who is my mancrush of the week. On the year the Rams have given up 846 yards, seven TDs, and 16 rushing yards to quarterbacks (including no interceptions), which is the most fantasy points given up to QBs by any team this year. Those totals would also be good for the fourth-best QB if the Rams pass defense were a player. Edwards' game-by-game passing totals have increased from 215 in week one, to 239, and then 279 last week. He should be good for 280 yards and two scores this week against the lowly Rams. New Kid Gage Arnold

It's time for Jason Witten to have his breakout game.
Witten is playing the Redskins this week. Yes, those Redskins that are without Jason Taylor and with a player who is coming back early from ACL surgery (that would be Carlos Rogers). And the fact that the Skins don't allow anything deep makes this matchup even more enticing, as that is where Witten roams and dominates. Expect a good game from Witten, somewhere between eight-to-ten catches, 100-125 yards and one-to-two scores. Tosten Burks Anyone care to explain to me what has happened to Champ Bailey and Dre Bly and the "stacked" Denver Broncos secondary? Did John Lynch curse the franchise on his way out of the league? Shanahan's crew has given up 30 more passing yards per game than any other team in the NFL. You know who will benefit this week? Jon Kitna. No miracle will be needed for him to be a great Carson Palmer or Ben Roethlisberger fill in this Sunday. The Lions will be playing from behind, and Kitna and company will air it out often, to what should be quite a bit of success against the supposed top-class Denver corners. Calvin Johnson and Roy Williams should be in your starting line up too.

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