Monday, October 6

Weekend Recap: Week 5

"A psychic once told me I was psychic." Those were the words spoken by Dr. House, played by Hugh Laurie, on the T.V. show House*.Think about how much easier it'd be to play fantasy football if you knew exactly what was going to happen each week. Of course, it'd take a lot of the fun out of the game, but you'd sure as heck be the champion of your league! But alas, we aren't psychic. We only have two things: educated guesses—that's as close as you'll get to being psychic. And of course, hindsight. The thing that makes you kick yourself each week you've sat Ronnie Brown when he's blown up for big yards. Or the thing that makes you hate yourself for not giving up on Larry Johnson. (And yeah, I still refuse to give up on him.) Hindsight is truly 20/20. We'll look back on the highs and lows of Week 5. - Back-to-back strong performances from Kyle Orton. Who would've guessed it? Granted, it was against the Lions, but the Bears' pass offense is starting to show signs of life. - Tsk, tsk, Kansas City. I thought you finally had it figured out. Give LJ the ball and win football games. Looks like I was wrong. Seven carries for Larry Johnson isn't going to cut it. Herm Edwards apparently doesn't know "We PLAY to WIN the GAME." - Bo Scaife, not Alge Crumpler, is the Titans tight end you want. He's quickly become Kerry Collins' security blanket, including catching seven of Collins 17 completions against Baltimore. - All Giants are rolling. - All Seahawks aren't. - Jason Campbell and Clinton Portis are running strong (and literally, for Portis). Campbell has yet to make a turnover while Portis has been racking up yards against tough NFC East foes. - Warrick Dunn has quietly having a productive season. He's even starting to carry the ball more than Earnest Graham. (Dunn had 11 carries to Graham's ten yesterday.) Don't jump ship on Graham though; he's averaging an outstanding 5.9 YPC this season. - Matt Cassel is finding his playmakers. Good news for Randy Moss owners. - I've always liked Mike Walker. With an underwhelming Jags WR core, Walker stepped up against the Steelers. The coaches love his potential, and he could definitely be a late-year waiver wire pickup. *[Ed's Note: We hope that wasn't copyright infringement.]

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