Saturday, October 11

Straight Outta the Man Cave: Week 6 Mancrushes

Is there a better activity in the world than chilling down in the man cave discussing football and girls? Red blooded American males say it in unison, "No." Of course not. This is why every Thursday (Or in this week's case, late Saturday) FFWWH will let you all in on our own couch talk about football. And girls. And football playing girls. The down side? Football playing girls don't matter in the type of fantasy football that this site is specifically about. So uhh, we kind of had to improvise and work with what we have. So, umm, this feature will be about our mancrushes. (Ya, ya, cue the "figures, he's from California" jokes, blah, blah.) Moving on. Here's each of our respective man crushes for week 6. A-Koz I called him a sleeper last year. I was wrong—way wrong. I think that I was a year ahead of myself. Believe it or not, but Visanthe Shiancoe is ranked eighth among all tight end's this year. Gus Ferrotte is a lot more willing to throw the ball to his TE than Tarvarais Jackson was last year and early this season. With the Vikings going against a terrible Lions defense that gave up over 300 yards to Kyle Orton and the Bears last week, Shiancoe is a sleeper in my books. Stat Boy He isn't Sexy Rexy, but he is the Big KO. Kyle Orton is my mancrush of the week. Over the past three weeks, Orton has the third-most fantasy points per game among quarterbacks (over 17, behind only Drew Brees and Brett Favre), the fourth-most passing yards, and the second-most touchdowns passes with seven scores. This week he plays a Falcons team that has given up the fourth-most fantasy points per game, the most touchdowns per game, and the fifth-most yards per game to opposing quarterbacks. (Those stats excluding the Chiefs game when terrible Tyler Thigpen was quarterback.) Orton should be good for 300 yards and two or three scores this week against the Falcons. He's a top-seven QB this week and a must-start in all formats. Tosten It's ironic. Being so good at one thing but so mediocre at something else. Not Kanye West and his less-than-good vocoder "enhanced" sing star moment coming from an all time great rapper. The Chicago Bears defense. The squad that is fourth in the league against the run is 23rd against the pass. In other words, the Atlanta Falcons will rely on Roddy White and the passing game rather than Michael Turner and the running game to keep the offense moving. Rookie Matt Ryan could be a decent start, but White, who is third in the NFL in receiving yards, is as solid as any wide out in the league for week six, especially with the Falcons likely to be playing from behind against Kanye's Chi-town. New Guy His mancrush article went M.I.A. this week. He's like the Rams' defense. Neither of them show up.

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