Thursday, December 4

Update on the Busy Lackadaisical Past Few Weeks

Tosten claims the reason for his two articles in 21 days is that he's been busy and sick. Gage saw Twilight. Alex and I have, well, done our jobs and posted each of our respective articles. The Mancrushes will be up tomorrow absent Gage as always. The Name Calling and Stat Boy articles will be up tomorrow and Saturday, we stopped doing Double Coverage about Week Five or so, and the Da Games Forecasts depend on whether we are in the mood to do them. I did my part of them three weeks ago (November 15 for those counting at home) but Alex and Tosten were doing other things so it wasn't posted. And don't ask me about the last two weeks. The HAIRY'S won't be posted on Monday but the Weekend Recap will, and the Running the Wire and News From Ball Street articles should be up Tuesday and Wednesday. That sums it up.

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