Saturday, December 20

Week 16 Name Calling

Who you gonna call? Sorry Ghostbusters, but you won't do the trick this week. In most fantasy leagues, Week 16 means one thing: being one game away from fantasy glory. No room for error, and one mistake can mean the difference between first place and the soon-to-be-forgotten runner-up. No pressure.

Who You Gonna Call Kevin Walter/WR Houston: He's been flying under the radar this year, but has put up good numbers. Case in point: Walter has a better yards per reception average than superstar Andre Johnson—15.1 for Walter and 13.7 for Johnson—and more touchdowns than Johnson—eight to six in favor of Walter. Granted, Johnson is obviously the superior talent and fantasy play, but he'll be covered by one of, if not the, toughest cornerback in the league in Nnamdi Asomugha. Nnamdi is certainly tough, but the rest of the Raiders' secondary is as tough as a bag of feathers. Chad Pennington/QB Miami: The best way to predict the future is by looking at the past. Look at what the past two quarterbacks have performed against the Dolphins' opponent this week, the Chiefs. 1. Jay Cutler: 32-40, 286 yards, two TD, one INT 2. Philip Rivers: 34-48, 346 yards, two TD, one INT That's a combined 66-88 (75% completion percentage) for 632 yards and four touchdowns in the past two weeks. Pennington hasn't put up huge numbers the past couple weeks, but there's no better time for a player to come up big than against a weak pass defense with your team's playoff hopes on the line. Given the Chiefs nearly non-exsistent pass rush, a league-low nine sacks, Pennington should have all day to throw. DeSean Jackson/WR Philadelphia: No Kevin Curtis. No Hank Baskett and consequently, no complaints from Kendra Wilkinson. That leaves Jackson and Donovan McNabb's right hand man this week in a rivalry game against the slumping Redskins. Ever since Andy Reid benched McNabb, he's turned it around, throwing seven touchdown passes to just one interception and winning the past three games. Who You Not Gonna Call Brett Favre/QB Jets: Yes, I'm telling everyone to bench the "savior." Favre has been very Favre-like lately, and that's not always a good thing. The gunsligner has thrown five interceptions to just three touchdowns the past four games. And in the three games New York has played on the West Coast—which is where the Jets will be playing this week—Favre has thrown five interceptions. Yikes. Tyler Thigpen/QB Kansas City: Nothing against Thigpen, but this Miami defense has been brutal the past three games. They have not, and I repeat have not, allowed a single touchdown in that span. None. Zilch. Nada. The same number of wins the Lions have. Marion Barber/RB Dallas: Usually a must-start, but the rulebook tends to get pushed aside in fantasy playoffs. Barber is questionable tonight and even if he does play, he won't be his usual self. Tashard Choice is likely to get a good chunk of the carries. Couple that with a stingy Baltimore run defense, and Barber's chances of a productive night are as slim as Jerry Jones wanting his team to fly under the radar. We believe in Santa.

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