Wednesday, January 28

We're Still Alive

Yello. I'm just checking in to let you all four of you who would somehow be hitting up the domain of a fantasy football blog in late January know that we weren't sniped down by Bristol undercover cops or anything like that. I still have a pulse. And so do Alex and that Stat Guy. Not sure about Gage though. I don't know if he ever had one. But anyway, we haven't been neglecting this place. I swear. Just click through. I'm working on a diddy about all the coaching changes. That's taken forever because it took like 14 lunar cycles for Tampa Bay to decide that they didn't want to retain John Gruden, and that after around 1,893,247 naps since the end of the regular season, Al Davis still hasn't found any living being who wants to coach for him. [Editor's note: Tom Cable was just hired as head coach of the Raiders.] When all the sideline situations clear up, I assure you I'll drop a big analysis piece on all the changes. Also, Zach's calculator broke or something, so that's been a slight hold up for him and his normal slew of stuff. And I would guess that A-Koz has been busy planning a funeral for Joseph Addai or some crap. Nobody has any guesses as to Mr. Arnold's situation, although he said something about working two jobs (wouldn'tcha know, this site isn't a real profession) and taking intensive classes right now or some crap. Lucky for you, there's also a super secret site something coming soon. It's gonna be so cool. And new. And secret. And super. Smell ya later. (Really.)

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