Thursday, January 15

Ed Werder's Wrong Again: T.O.'s Going Nowhere

Terrell Owens is staying in Dallas. ESPN's Ed Werder reported that the Dallas Cowboys would have discussions about whether to drop star receiver T.O. "The big one [Owens] didn't get discussed yet, but I'm sure it will and real hard," said his source, after the Cowboys released Adam "Pacman" Jones. But Drew Rosenhaus, Owens' agent, refuted the speculation in a radio interview. "It's not going to happen. The reason why they got rid of Pacman is because Pacman has terrible off-the-field problems, and the guy just simply can't play anymore. He's just not that good. "Terrell's never had off-the-field problems, and he's been one of the greatest players ever. ... He's not going anywhere." T.O. has had more off-the-field problems than Rosenhaus claims, but he's right about one thing: T.O. is staying in Dallas. Werder's report is wrong on more than one account. As well as reporting that T.O. may be dropped, he said that the reason would be to easier sign star linebacker Demarcus Ware:

But Jerry Jones just last year invested a $12 million signing bonus in Owens, which means there would be salary-cap fallout. In fact, Jerry Jones has suggested that there might be enough damage that the team would find it difficult to sign NFL sack leader DeMarcus Ware to a new contract.
The Dallas Morning News then pointed out that should T.O. be dropped, he would count $680,000 more against the Cowboys' salary cap than if he were kept and paid his 2009 salary of $8.99 million. Fantasy owners, don't panic. ESPN was wrong.

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