Monday, July 14

Man Crush Monday!

Ha. My colleague Alex Kozora has had to write every Man Crush on this site so far. That means he's gayer than me. Ha. And I watch Top Chef. So that's saying something. But because it's in the job description, here we go with my weird, unsafe love for an NFL player. Jonathan Stewart What? Tosten! You know better than to advocate for a rookie running back. Adrian Peterson was a fluke remember? That stuff doesn't happen! I know, I know, I know. I don't care. John Fox hates DeAngelo Williams. Absolutely hates him with a deep, burning passion. He hates him so much that he gave DeShaun Foster over 100 more carries than him last year. Deshaun Foster. That guy is looking like he'll be behind Michael Robinson on the 49ers depth chart! And Jonathan Stewart is way better than DeShaun Foster. He weighs 235 pounds and runs a 4.38. That's beastly. The Panthers took him 13th overall with a jacked up toe. That was substantially higher than anyone projected. What does that mean? Fox and the rest of the Panthers staff love him. So here's JStew, a guy that Carolina loves, and there's DeWill, a guy that Carolina hates. Who do you think will get the majority of the carries? And if Foster (DeShaun Foster! I keep saying it because it's just unbelievable) gets 247 rushes as the main back, then just imagine how many Stewart will end up with. 300 touches isn't out of the question. I'd take a 300 touch, 4.38 running 235 pound monster in a rush first offense with a young, developing offensive line as a high #3 running back and maybe even a low #2 in a 12 or 14 team league. He's a solid 5th round pick in non-keeper leagues. Wow this post ended up getting posted really late. Stinking Josh Hamilton and your distracting ways. Actually, I'm gonna blame it on Bud Selig. He's my favorite All-Star Weekend scapegoat.

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