Tuesday, July 15

Pluto Nash of the Day

One could compare fantasy football to the stock market. Each deal with points in some way ( I really don't know how it's used in the stock market. I know next to nothing about it; the only thing I've learned is that a green arrow is good and a red one is bad.) and different company's, or in the case of football, player's value, rises and falls. Yesterday, DOW dropped 210 points.. In other words, that's a major red arrow. Today, we look at a player who's value has been dropping just as much. Vince Young/QB Tennessee : Not really a surprise here, but constantly trying to uncover a sleeper or bust every single day isn't the easiest thing in the world to do. Aside from still have to work out his throwing ability, his footwork and decision making is a tad questionable, Young has a terrible supporting cast. When Justin McCareins is considered to be a big upgrade to your WR core, there's a problem. The Titans didn't address the WR position in the draft until the mid rounds, either. I simply don't get the Titans draft plan. Is this the step-by-step process they follow in the war room during the draft? 1. Draft a position you don't need (RB) 2. Choose a player that isn't even supposed to be drafted (DE William Hayes) 3. After angering enough Titans fans, then draft a speedy mid round WR ( Paul Williams last year, Lavelle Hawkins this year) Couple that with the run-mindedness of the Titans (no team ran the ball more last year than the Titans) and Vince Young won't be a Titan I'll be remembering come draft day.

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