Monday, July 14

Pluto Nash of the Day

I had to turn away. I had just gotten my weekly issue of Sporting News and flipped open one of the first few pages. When I looked inside, I saw a story about Brett Favre (go figure). The article was about possible other teams Favre may go to. And staring me in the face, was a picture of Favre in a Ravens uniform. Of course, this was just photo cropping, but it was still almost unimaginable to think of Favre sporting a Ravens or any other teams jersey. The horror, the horror; I quickly looked away and closed my magazine. Now, I'm in no way a big Favre fan; please save the John Madden comparisons. But as a fan of the NFL, it would be one of the strangest things if Favre was playing for another team. Sorry for all the Favre talk. It's hard to avoid talking about, it's in the headlines everywhere you turn. I'll turn away from the Favre talk and give you a player I'm sure to turn away from in my drafts. Patrick Crayton/WR Dallas: He's the posterboy for being inconsistent. He lives and dies by whether or not he gets into the end zone. When he scores, he'll produce well enough. When he doesn't, don't expect much. Last year, here are the point totals for Crayton when he reached the end zone: 30, 13, 10, 12, and 16. That's good production. However, here are the point totals from the game in which he did not get into the end zone: 5, 2, -1, 4, 5, 6, and 0. Yikes! With touchdowns being impossible to predict, I'm not going to take a chance on Crayton this year.

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