Wednesday, August 13

Chris Chambers Is One of's 2008 Fantasy Football Poster Boys

Apparently thinks Chambers is a fantasy stud this year. They featured him in their promotional campaign. Yet another reason why where you're at right now is better for fantasy info than the big name sites. When we talk about top wideouts we think of guys that are actually at the top. Anyway, here's the viral video that you've probably seen by now which advertises the upcoming fantasy season. The only problem with it? You know it's fake. No, not because he caught a football using two other footballs as hands. He probably could do that anyway. The fatal flaw is that apparently Chris was training and doing this trick with two random black guys and some scrawny dude in the background. Ya, I'm sure those are his PT's or something. What's even worse, is that apparently that scrawny white guy previously mentioned threw a pinpoint pass from like 20, 25 yards out. There's only one Doug Flutie in the world Get real. Oh and for the record, as much as it pains me to say this as a Chargers fan, Chambers's promo wasn't the best of the lot. Check out Chris Cooley. Ya, that's an elite tight end right there.

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