Thursday, August 14

I'm Officially An Expert. Eat it Knuckas. Round II.

So I occasionally post my greatness on this site called Bleacher Report. They actually love me over there. It's a pleasant change. They even think I'm an expert. So they invited me to be in a fantasy football experts draft. For experts. Like me. Second Round: (First Round) 10. Marion Barber (John Ferriola) 9. Larry Johnson (Isaac Elyacharshuster) 8. Willis McGahee (Matt Something) 7. Ryan Grant (Brendan McGair) 6. Jamal Lewis (Andrew Kneeland) 5. Terrell Owens (Collin Hager) 4. Maurice Jones-Drew (Russel Ivanac) 3. Darren McFadden (Sean Crowe) 2. Peyton Manning (Me) 1. Reggie Wayne (Jacob Sloan) The Bad - Darren McFadden is not a second round draft pick. Darren McFadden is not even considered by his head coach as the "best runner" on the team. It's not like Minnesota. He won't be getting 25 carries a game by week 3. He's not going to bust up the record books by the end of his rookie year. He's not Adrian Peterson. He's a good version of Reggie Bush. If Sean Crowe really wanted to take a running back here he should have gone Brandon Jacobs, the only running back left worthy of a second round draft pick. - Maurice Jones Drew to Russel was a bit of a bad pick just because of who his first rounder was, Joseph Addai. Both Addai and MoJo are somewhat low yardage guys who depend on one, unreliable factor that makes up most of their value; for Addai it's touchdowns and for MJD it's big plays. Neither one of those things is predictable or dependable. Neither one of them puts up big yardage that you can count on. Russel will dominate some weeks but others he'll fall flat his face. The Good - Jamal Lewis was a solid middle of the second round pick. The guy was a top 6 running back last year but for some reason, people aren't buying it. The general consensus is that he was a fluke. Dude is only 28 right now. Over the last 7 weeks he averaged 4.6 ypc and 113 yards per game, with only one sub-90 rushing yard performance. He's still a stud. I'd take him early second round. Brady and Lewis is quite a nice pair to come out of the first two rounds with.

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