Tuesday, August 19

IOAE. EIK. Round IV "Wow This Is Getting Old"

So I occasionally post my greatness on this site called Bleacher Report. They actually love me over there. It's a pleasant change. They even think I'm an expert. So they invited me to be in a fantasy football experts draft. For experts. Like me. First Round: 1. Ladainian Tomlinson (Jacob Sloan) 2. Brian Westbrook (Me) 3. Adrian Peterson (Sean Crowe) 4. Joseph Addai (Russel Ivanac) 5. Steven Jackson (Collin Hager) 6. Tom Brady (Andrew Kneeland) 7. Randy Moss (Brendan McGair) 8. Clinton Portis (Matt Something) 9. Marshawn Lynch (Isaac Elyacharshuster) 10. Frank Gore (John Ferriola) Second Round: 10. Marion Barber (John Ferriola) 9. Larry Johnson (Isaac Elyacharshuster) 8. Willis McGahee (Matt Something) 7. Ryan Grant (Brendan McGair) 6. Jamal Lewis (Andrew Kneeland) 5. Terrell Owens (Collin Hager) 4. Maurice Jones-Drew (Russel Ivanac) 3. Darren McFadden (Sean Crowe) 2. Peyton Manning (Me) 1. Reggie Wayne (Jacob Sloan) Third Round: 1. Braylon Edwards (Jacob Sloan) 2. Marques Colston (Me) 3. Tony Romo (Sean Crowe) 4. Andre Johnson (Russel Ivanac) 5. Brandon Jacobs (Collin Hager) 6. Larry Fitzgerald (Andrew Kneeland) 7. Lawrence Maroney (Brendan McGair) 8. Drew Brees (Matt Something) 9. T.J. Houshmandzadeh (Isaac Elyacharshuster) 10. Chad Johnson (John Ferriola) Fourth Round: 10. Steve Smith (John Ferriola) 9. Carson Palmer (Isaac Elyacharshuster) 8. Santonio Holmes (Matt Something) 7. Antonio Gates (Brendan McGair) 6. Willie Parker (Andrew Kneeland) 5. Torry Holt (Collin Hager) 4. Plaxico Burress (Russel Ivanac) 3. Wes Welker (Sean Crowe) 2. Thomas Jones (Me) 1. Michael Turner (Jacob Sloan) The Bad - A suspended Steve Smith, an inconsistent, one-tool Santonio Holmes, a Wes Welker who has only had one relevant season ever (beware of Brandon Stokley syndrome), and the always injured Plaxico Burress all go before Anquan Boldin? Anquan's ceiling is way too high for that to happen. Over the course of his 5 year career he's averaged 97 receptions per 16 games. Matt Leinart is looking like the definite full time starter now. Boldin had 7 more receptions, 94 more yards, and 3 more touchdowns than Fitzgerald during the three games last year when Leinart was the main QB. He's fully healthy now. Plus, he may go to Philly to be McNabb's go to guy. If you can get him after the fourth round it's a huge steal. - Santonio Holmes was the 11th wideout off the board. Can I get a group moan? Holmes relies way too much on touchdowns off the long ball to be taken as a top WR. He's Lee Evans with more hype. His game is undoubtedly prone to inconsistency. Britney Spears except with fantasy production instead of moods. Don't buy into Matthew Berry's love around this guy. He'll fall back to Earth. The Good - I don't know why I bashed myself, Andrew, and Jacob in the last round's review, looking at it now, I really like the Willie Parker and Thomas Jones, 4th round picks. Both are decent #2 running backs that you could get two rounds later than most people are grabbing their #2's. In smaller leagues like this, I wouldn't bash the strategy of waiting a bit to get your second RB in order to grab a couple top wide receivers. These two guys, and also a player like Earnest Graham, are all solid starters, but none of them are sexy. So when you are looking at Larry Fitzgerald or Thomas Jones in the third round, know that most of the other guys in your draft are going to go with the Fitz's of the world. So Jones should last a round later. - Love, love, love the Torry Holt snag. Getting him as the 12th wideout is awesome. He's got the highest floor of anybody in the league; you know you're going to get great production out of him. And this year I think he'll take it back to awesome production. He has his o-line, quarterback, and running back all healthy again and his old coach Al Saunders is the o-coordinator. Think Saunders won't utilize him a ton? Holt has a good chance of being an elite wide receiver again this season. P.S. Do you really care about this mock draft anymore? Am I wasting yours and my time updating you on every round? I kind of think so. Say in the comments how you would rather have me cover mock drafts.

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