Friday, August 22

Mike Nolan Names Sullivan Starting Quarterback Going Into the Regular Season

I've gotten tired of the NFL News Wire Rundowns. There's been a lot less of them lately as I'm sure (or maybe not...) you've noticed. They just seem trivial because I get the feeling that if you're committed to fantasy football enough to be reading a stupid, tiny, little fantasy site like this one, you probably know most of the big news in the football world already. Don't worry though. My dry, dumb, one liners and jokes will not go to waste completely. That is, if you don't think they're garbage already. Instead I'll just be posting about single news stories as soon after I find them as possible when I get home from my real life. And then I'll make fun of them. In a conference call with reporters this afternoon, Mike Nolan officially named JTo (that's what I call him; just admit it, you know it sounds cool) the starter for the regular season opener against Arizona. Photobucket He's only played in 6 games his whole career, he was out of the league in 2005 and 2006, and he's thrown for 148 passing yards his whole career, but as crazy as it sounds, I think he's a decent backup quarterback in a 12 or 14 team league. It's not important that he's only passed the ball 26 times in the NFL, ever. All you need to know is that he's the quarterback in a Mike Martz offense. He has Bryant Johnson, who some people think is actually somewhat not crappy, Isaac Bruce, a polished, experienced veteran, Vernon Davis, who some people think is an elite tight end (oh wait, that was Davis who said that), and a top running back in Frank Gore at his disposal. So he has some moderately average weapons to work with. Mike Martz will somehow make him relevant. In a related story, Alex Smith is now officially the worst #1 overall pick in recent history. He just lost his starting job to a guy who played football at UC-Davis and who has completed an amazing 13 passes. Seriously. Ryan Leaf, make room in the doghouse. You have a new roomate. Oh by the way, neither ESPN or Yahoo! Sports has this news story up on their site yet.

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