Wednesday, August 20

Steven Jackson Ends His Holdout

I've gotten tired of the NFL News Wire Rundowns. There's been a lot less of them lately as I'm sure (or maybe not...) you've noticed. They just seem trivial because I get the feeling that if you're committed to fantasy football enough to be reading a stupid, tiny, little fantasy site like this one, you probably know most of the big news in the football world already. Don't worry though. My dry, dumb, one liners and jokes will not go to waste completely. That is, if you don't think they're garbage already. Instead I'll just be posting about single news stories as soon after I find them as possible when I get home from my real life. And then I'll make fun of them. Currently, Yahoo! Sports doesn't even have this up on their site yet. Adam Schefter of reports that Steamin' Steven plans to return to training camp on Thursday and end his 27 day hold out. The Rams organization has agreed to start negotiating a new deal with Jackson and his agent and supposedly Eugene Parker and Rams President Jay Zygmunt have already begun discussions. I guess St. Louis realized that it will probably be hard for them to succeed if they don't have their best player. Makes sense. Either that or SJax ran out money and couldn't afford weird bandanna things anymore. Photobucket Whatever the reason, the thing that matters is that Jackson is back in uniform and now an even better choice at 4th overall after idiots have taken Adrian Peterson over him. Oh by the way, I just realized how to tag posts. I guess that's important for organization and crap. SJax you're the inaugural tagged post. Lucky you.

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