Monday, October 13

Weekend Recap: Week 6

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." Instead of being in the book War and Peace, that quote should be the title of every fantasy football magazine. As I'm sure many of you can relate, I've fallen on hard times this year in my leagues. In my one league, I've lost games by one and two points. Same league, different week: I scored the second-highest amount of points in the league. But because of fate's cruel hand, I went up against the team who scored the most points. That's the nature in the game. You hate it when your team is in a rut bigger than the Cleveland Browns offense, and you hate it when you make decisions worse than Dan Orlovsky. Conversely, there's no better feeling in the world than when your fantasy team is kicking butt and taking names. What fantasy players fell on hard times and which ones rose to glory this week? - Michael Turner only plays well against poor defenses. Sure, he tore it up against the Chiefs, Lions, and a depleted Packers defense, but he's struggled mightily against the Bucs and Bears. Take away Turner's 23 yard run against Chicago on Sunday, and you have a stat line of 24 carries for 31 yards. - A performance like the one Bernard Berrian had yesterday usually don't come too often for a speed demon on a run-first team. Don't put too much stock into his 131 yard day. - Ryan Fitzpatrick spells doom for Bengals' wide receivers. In his two starts, Housh has only 13 catches for 99 yards and zero touchdowns while Chad Ocho Cinco has just eight catches for 86 yards and zero touchdown celebrations. Roger Goodell's pockets are a lot emptier this year. - Terrell Owens could be in a similar situation. Brad Johnson doesn't have near the arm strength or mobility that Tony Romo has. Jason Witten and Marion Barber do get boosts in their value, however. - With Chris Chambers out, Vincent Jackson really came on strong. As long as Chambers is out of the lineup, continue to start Jackson with confidence. - Ryan Grant's 90-yard game doesn't look bad, but keep in mind it took 30 carries against a Seahawks defense that has struggled to stop the run.

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