Saturday, November 8

Da Games: Prime Timers

In our attempt to provide every possible way for you to have more reason to kick yourself after a well researched fantasy loss, we antagonizingly analyze each and every weekend matchup.
New York Giants @ Philadelphia Eagles
Fantasy Impact Players QB— Donovan McNabb, Eli Manning RB— Brian Westbrook, Brandon Jacobs, Derrick Ward WR— Plaxico Burress, Kevin Curtis, DeSean Jackson TE— Kevin Boss, Brent Celek Key Stat 21.7—Brian Westbrook's fantasy points per game in his last four games against the Giants. Our Take Tosten Burks— Let me start off by saying that NBC shanks ESPN in the left ventricle in terms of the games they broadcast. I mean seriously, Giants-Eagles or Niners-Cards? It's a joke. I'd also like to point out that in the first Philly game with all of the top three wideouts healthy, Curtis, Brown, and Jackson, Curtis emerged as the favorite target. Curtis's targets and Jackson's big play ability make them very solid options, but Brown looks to be the odd man out. Zach Fein— In this week's marquee matchup, both offenses should go crazy. Look for the G-Men to stay with only one loss in what should be a close game. Besides Brent Celek, everyone in the "Fantasy Impact Players" section is worth a start. Alex KozoraGame of the week in the NFL. Lots of fantasy studs in this game; can't really sit anyone because of that. I would be hesitant if you were thinking about plugging in Kevin Curtis into your lineup. A potent Giants' pass rush could make the deep ball difficult to perform.
San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals
Fantasy Impact Players QB— Kurt Warner, Shaun Hill RB— Frank Gore, Tim Hightower WR— Anquan Boldin, Larry Fitzgerald, Isaac Bruce TE— Vernon Davis Key Stat(s) 53.1—In the 10 Monday Night Football games thus far (there were two in Week 1), there have been an average of 53.1 points scored by both teams per game. Our Take Tosten Burks— Start every single Arizona Cardinal. Even Edge! ... Well, no. Don't start Edge. Or any Arizona tight ends. But everyone else should produce. San Fran's horrible. Also, Shaun Hill had a 102.3 passer rating in his first start. Just saying... Zach Fein— Kurt Warner, the two backs, Boldin, and Fitzgerald are all in the top-seven in their respective positions this week. Alex KozoraThe Cardinals are averaging 29 points per game. The 49ers are allowing 28 points per game. You do the math. Frank Gore is the only 49er worth starting this week; I'd have to see how Shaun Hill plays first before I start recommending him.

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