Saturday, November 8

A Lazy Man's Guide to Week Ten

Everything you need to know for week ten, consolidated in one spot for all Penn State fans out there too emotionally exhausted to navigate this blog on their own. News: Ryan Torain and Steven Jackson updates and complaints. Injury break down done by some other people who are still good even though they aren't us. Marques Colston finally all the way back from injury? Coaches think so. Darren McFadden isn't playing this week and could be done for the year. Baltimore will go with a three-way timeshare and split touches among Ray Rice, Le'Ron McClain, and Willis McGahee this weekend. Analsyis: Tim Hightower has risen, Reggie Wayne has fallen, and other players who have become more and less valuable this week. Kozora and Fein want a threesome with the Carolina Panthers + my bromances for week 10. A-Koz's start 'em, sit 'em. Ignore playoff schedules, says the stat guy. No, Daunte Culpepper is not all of a sudden a fantasy starter, and other shiz from the early Sunday game previews here. Sit Peyton Manning, and other can't miss blogness in the late sunday game previews over here. The Giants vs Eagles matchup is the game of the week, and other prime time game preview stuff in this area. That's it for the week folks. Enjoy the stench. We know how to solve the economic crisis.

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