Wednesday, November 5

News From Ball Street

News From Ball Street is like news from Wall Street. It rhymes, see what we did there? Here we watch the stocks (ehh, ehh?) of players who are rising and falling, and decide whether you should target these shooting and sinking stars. Clever, I know. Al Davis has already changed his mind on certain players that he just signed a few months ago. He released $70 million man DeAngelo Hall and supposedly has a whole list of other guys who are heading in that same direction. The Bears, Browns, Texans, and Lions will all have new starting quarterbacks next week. Phil Fullmer is done in Tennessee and John Gruden could be pulling up to take his place. Obama was right, change has come to America. And there is no place where that is more relevant than in the fantasyosphere. Values are constantly rising and falling. Let's see where they're at this week. Stock Up Greg Camarillo/WR Miami—He's a solid option, but his 11-catch, 111-yard performance against the terrible Denver secondary is misleading. He's normally good for six or seven grabs and 60 or 70 yards, so this is the time to see what you can get for him. Course of Action: Sell Tim Hightower/RB Arizona—The writing was on the wall all season that Hightower would eventually phase Edgerrin James out and take over as Arizona's starting running back. The moment finally came last weekend at St. Louis and Hightower came through big, putting up 100 yards. He's looked good all year but I can't fully trust him as a feature back when his only test is against the Rams. However, he draws two mediocre defenses in the next few games in San Fran and Seattle, so I would wait two weeks before selling him high, before he faces the Giants, Eagles, and the Vikings in three out of his following four weeks. Course of Action: Hold Sage Rosenfels/QB Houston—Rosenfels came in for an injured Matt Schaub on Sunday and looked solid. He tends to do that every time he fills in for the oft-hurt Schaub. Seriously, their stats are indistinguishable, as both succeed in the powerful Texans offense. Ride him high for the next four weeks if you managed to claim him off waivers, or if you missed out, snag him on the cheap. The two-touchdown games aren't going anywhere. Course of Action: Buy Stock Down Kellen Winslow/TE Cleveland—Easiest buy low of the week. He hasn't had a touchdown since the first week of the year, but with young Brady Quinn replacing Derek Anderson, his touches and production should increase as he plays the role of a learning, first-time starter's safety outlet. Course of Action: Buy Larry Johnson/RB Kansas City—Aside from arrests, public tension with his team, and suspensions, LJ has fallen in another aspect. He's sucked at football. With rookie Jamaal Charles looking as good as any Chief has all year, Johnson has nowhere to go but down. Find a Kansas City fan and trash this guy. Course of Action: Sell Reggie Wayne/WR Indianapolis—It's hard for me to believe that he'll continue to average 39 receiving yards from here on out, as he has the last three weeks. Find a worrisome Wayne owner and steal him. He'll put out of the slump. Hopefully. Course of Action: Buy We voted.

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