Saturday, December 13

ADD Attack!

Check it out knuckas, we got a remodel. Layout changes and all that jazz. More details after the leap. (Heck ya, we have a leap now.)

Just to sum everything up so you know exactly what to complain about in your feedback email. - We added a third column to make your FF With Hair viewing enjoyment 33 percent better. (Stat Boy notes: Actually, it's 50 percent better. Before, there were two columns, now three; three divided by two equals 1.5. Even better!) - The site now has two hues of yummy brown. We wanted to reflect the chaos of the world and depict an escape of color that both shades and details the transition of life and temporary nature of our fantasy football essence. Or something. Just think of it as new giftwrap. - As bragged above, now you have to make one more click in order to read posts. Fun, fun. - There's some other minor differences that I would guarantee you don't even notice. If you can nitpick and find them, hit up the inbox and we'll buy everyone cookies. Yay. As always, yell at us at, tell your friends about this site, and all that other stuff that reveals how needy, desperate, and retarded we are. P.S. This is Tosten. I wrote this. Not Zach. Just making sure that gets out there because I don't want to slap anyone else's reputation in the face other than my own if I don't have to.

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