Monday, June 30

Pluto Nash of the Day

There was an interesting show about a half hour ago on the History Channel. It was about the bathroom of the future. It was actually pretty cool. (About as cool as a show about a bathroom can get) They were showing hi-tech technology that may be used years from now. Some of the bathrooms were all automated, with countless buttons and different programs. However, as I watched it, a thought occured to me: It all seems too complicated. I mean, come on, it's a bathroom. Does it have to be more intricate than my computer? The point I'm trying to make is that sometimes, we make fantasy football too complicated. Once in a while, you don't have to look at stats from a previous year. Just look at the situation the player is in. Don't overlook what's in front of your face. Don't get me wrong; I'm as big as a stats junkie as anyone around, but for today, I'll put numbers aside. Any Lions QB or WR/Detriot: That's right, today you get a bonus. Instead of naming just one player, I'm giving you positions. Excited? There is one huge reason for why I'm avoiding any Lions QB or WR this year: the absence of Mike Martz. The pass happy Detriot appears to be no longer. Now, the Lions' offense will be much more conservative. This should expose their pass offense for what it really is. Let's face it, Jon Kitna isn't that good of a QB as his numbers would lead you to believe. He greatly benefited from Mike Martz, and as stated, Martz is gone. At best, Kitna is an average talent. When you consider his age (36) and his durability, (how much longer can he last behind that terrible Lion offensive line?) I think this is the year the wheels finally fall off. The outside chance of second-year QB Drew Stanton starting doesn't help either. Obviously, if Kitna is going to struggle or if an inexperienced QB like Stanton starts, Roy Williams, Calvin Johnson, and company won't be faring any better. Their fantasy value would be worse than Al Davis' PR guy.

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