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NFL News Wire Rundown - 7/2

A few weeks ago, Bill Simmons suggested ways for tennis to become more popular. Many have attempted to do so as well. Ratings aren't great, average Joe sports fans could care less, and for the most part, people just don't really care. I think I know why. In America right now, it's summer. People love summer. Summer means warm weather, the beach, clear skies. Today, Wimbledon got rained out. Who is going to watch television in July to see some rain? The Sports Guy's article on this was a joke. I have the real solution to tennis's popularity problems. Get rid of weather. Now get rid of your boredom after reading that weak introduction by reading today's news report from your resident Rotoworld Whore. Najeh to Detroit or Arizona? Free agent RB Najeh Davenport is reportedly interested in playing for the Lions and Cardinals.

No word on whether the interest is mutual, but both teams could obviously use a big back with Davenport's skills. The Browns would be another interesting land spot, but Davenport admitted that it's not an option because of his troublesome relationship with his son's mother in Cleveland.
Somebody actually wants to play for the Lions and Cardinals? Matt Millen or Rod Graves: Sign this guy right now. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Brown Close to 100% Dolphins RB Ronnie Brown (ACL surgery) expects to be cleared for contact when camp opens July 26.
"I feel good, feel no hesitation," he said. Brown is also optimistic that he will be 100 percent by the start of the season and that he will quickly return to his pre-injury form. It's an optimistic outlook, but Brown is likely to have an adjustment period in addition to splitting carries with Ricky Williams.
Cleared for contact? What, has he been in quarantine for 6 months? Can he hug his wife again? This is good news. Best Nickname In Sports! His new Cardinals teammates have given rookie Brandon Keith a new nickname after learning of Keith's arrest for rioting at Northern Iowa.
"Even Leinart was like, 'You really got tasered? Did it hurt?'" said Keith, a 6'5/343-pound offensive tackle who got tasered by Iowa police a month before the draft. "They call me 'Taz.' They say its short for Tasmanian devil, but I think it’s short for taser. I tell them, 'Yall are trying to be funny.' But it’s a rookie thing, so I am down with it."
Good connection Brandon. Sounds like the Cards drafted a real honor student... Grant About To Get Paid Exclusive rights free agent Ryan Grant expects to reach an agreement on a multi-year contract with the Packers before training camp begins.
Grant says talks have been "positive."'s Bucky Brooks predicted last month that the deal would span three to four years. Grant actually has less leverage than Earnest Graham, but we'd expect him to get more money.
If a guy named Bucky predicts it, it's going to happen. Grant will get a three or four year contract. Real Fantasy Football Analysis! Jerious Norwood was in the mix for punt returns during Falcons minicamps.
He's battling Adam Jennings, who's squarely on the roster bubble, and CB Brent Grimes, who may start on defense. Norwood appears to have a good chance to dominate punts, accentuating his value in return-yard leagues.
If Norwood is going to return punts for Atlanta, that means that the risk of him getting injured on special teams is not a huge concern for the Falcons. Signs are pointing to Michael Turner being a feature back, and not a member of a timeshare. Favre Has All But Put His Uniform Back On ESPN's Chris Mortensen reports that Brett Favre has told coach Mike McCarthy that he has thought about playing this year.
Had to know this day was coming. The comeback talk is reportedly only in preliminary stages, but Favre's family is encouraging him to play. Cornerback Al Harris says Favre told him he still "has the itch" to play. This situation could turn thorny. The Packers own Favre's rights, but we'd guess that the front office would simply rather move forward with Aaron Rodgers. The coaching staff may lean more towards Favre. Favre could subsequently push for his release, something Mort mentions. "Brett's a high-quality person and he's not going to push it that far," a team source said. "He'll do the right thing [and stay retired]."
Ever since he announced his retirement, the rumors haven't stopped that he'd be back. From a telling Letterman appearance, to still un-turned-in (shut up, that's a word) retirement papers, signs have been pointing to this all off season. Why did Favre officially come out and say this now? My guess is that he needs something to take up his time other than shaving. That 5 oclock shadow doesn't look as good when you actually have time to shave every day... More Favre News Citing a league source, the Wisconsin State Journal reports that Brett Favre requested his release from the Packers "within the past few weeks."
Either Favre or his agent, Bus Cook, reportedly contacted the Packers to inform them of his intent to play again. When the Packers said they've moved on, Favre demanded to be released. The Packers refused. GM Ted Thompson and coach Mike McCarthy are currently on vacation and unavailable for comment. The Packers hold all the power here and if they continue to exercise it, the situation could get ugly for the franchise.
Source: Wisconsin State Journal Nothing to say here, just wanted to give you loving, ad-clicking readers the very latest news on the story.

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