Sunday, June 29

Rip Van Winkle of the Day

Just a short time ago, it seemed like Cincinnati was going to be a complete mess this year. Chad Johnson was threatening to hold out, and in the words of T.O., NFL fans everywhere were "getting their popcorn ready." T.J. Houshmandzadeh was becoming unhappy, and the Bengals seemed to be a trainwreck on the verge of collapse. However, things seem to be a bit more steady for the Bengals. Ocho won't be sitting out this year and the Housh reports have quieted down. While this team is far from being perfect, heck, they're still a ways off from being anything more than average, there are some player's that could emerge into fantasy producers this year. Andre Caldwell/WR: With Chris Henry getting into more trouble than Dennis the Menace and consequently, being cut by the Bengals and suspended by the league, there's a big hole to fill for the #3 WR in Cincy. With there being no clear guy to step in, multiple players will have an opportunity. Caldwell, although a rookie, is a polished WR. He played in a big school (Florida) and while he isn't a deep threat, he's a solid possession wide receiver. With Caldwell doing better than fellow rookie Jerome Simpson, he (Caldwell) appears to currently have the edge. *Side note. Here are some of the other candidates besides Caldwell competing for the #3 slot in Cincy. Whomever wins it has sleeper potential. Jerome Simpson, Antonio Chatman, Mario Urrutia, and Glenn Holt.

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