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NFL News Wire Rundown - 7/3

Two days ago, the biggest NFL news story was that Chris Henry's assault case was granted a mistrial. That was before Al Harris said the word "itch" on NFL Live. Now you can't go anywhere without hearing the words Brett Favre. I fed the fire yesterday and made 29% of yesterdays Rundown about old number 4. Sorry Smokey, shoot me. Today, I'm going to attempt to bring you an update of the days NFL news without any Brett Favre reports. Because I'm sure that Chris Mortenson and his ESPN crew have already invaded your house to let you know that Favre is possibly making a comeback because his mother's sister's aunt's cousin told some Milwaukee radio station that Favre is staying in playing shape. That may leave me with approximately 2 news stories to discuss, but I'll persevere. I'm an ESPY nominee remember? Miami Draft Picks Won't Sign Until The Tuna Is Back Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland doesn't anticipate any problems getting the team's remaining draft picks under contract.

Ireland originally targeted July 1 to get Chad Henne, Phillip Merling, and Kendall Langford signed, but will wait until Bill Parcells returns from vacation. "As soon as (July) seventh rolls around it’s going to be business as usual," Ireland said. "And we’ll try to get these guys wrapped up."
In avoiding Brett Favre, I get a Bill Parcells report. Sweet mother of God, is there any news worthy people in the sports world who haven't retired and unretired? DeShaun Foster Way Down On San Francisco's Depth Chart The San Francisco Chronicle believes that DeShaun Foster will struggle for playing time in 2008, barring injury.
Mike Martz has spoken of using Michael Robinson and Frank Gore in the backfield together, but said nothing about Foster. Foster isn't great in short yardage, where perhaps the 49ers could use help, and at this stage of his career is little more than a poor man's Gore. He still isn't a bad handcuff.
So Foster is a poor man's Frank Gore, while Frank Gore is being used as Mike Martz's poor man's Marshall Faulk. In other words, DeShaun Foster is a homeless person's favorite player. Benchwarmer Clayton Reportedly Looks Good 49ers second-year RB Thomas Clayton reportedly looked "dartingly quick" during Organized Team Activities.
Clayton, who spent his rookie season on the practice squad, struggled to break tackles in the 2007 preseason, which doesn't bode well considering he's 222 pounds and lacks good speed. He's a longshot to make the roster.
This slow, weak, 222 pound back who can't break tackles and hasn't even made it off a practice squad reportedly looks dartingly quick? Who reported that? His Mom? Arizona Doesn't Want Najeh Cardinals GM Rod Graves says the team has no interest in free agent Najeh Davenport.
Najeh said he'd target the Lions and Cardinals as suitors, but his off-field past will work against him. The Cards also aren't in position to sign players other than their rookies. It's too bad, because this could've been a nice fit.
The fact that the Steelers gave up on trading Davenport after just three hours should be a sign as to how successful he will be on the free agent market. Every other Davenport in the world gets taken for free. It's looking like that's the only way Najeh would get snagged right now too. (He's 247 pounds, so I wouldn't be surprised if he's full of cheetos as well.) Goodell Allows Pac Man to Attend Training Camp, Only To Have Him Not Cowboys CB Adam Jones has decided to remain in Dallas for the three weeks of downtime between now and the starting of training camp.
Jones is regularly visiting team headquarters. It's worth noting because he needs to stay out of trouble until September 1 to be reinstated. Jones can practice in camp, but hasn't been fully allowed back in the league yet.
Dallas must have better night clubs than wherever the Cowboys practice facility is located. NFL Supplemental Draft Is No More Due To Fact That No One Cares The NFL will not hold a supplemental draft in 2008 due to a lack of participants.
There were rumors that USC ILB Rey Maualuga, Oklahoma State TE Brandon Pettigrew, and Mississippi State OT Michael Brown might apply, but they decided against it. Maualuga has a chance to be a top-15 pick in next year's draft. Chargers DB Paul Oliver and Ravens OT Jared Gaither were the only players selected in last year's supplemental draft.
Source: USA Today
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