Friday, August 29

Another Reason To Let Adrian Peterson Drop. Bryant McKinnie Suspended For First Four Games

Bryant McKinnie's year just got worse. The ex-love boater who's had a 2008 filled with crime and court cases now has received punishment from Sheriff Goodell, a four week suspension to open the season. The penalty stems from a February incident in which McKinnie apparently got into a fight with a Miami nightclub worker. What happened, McKinnie wasn't accepted by the bouncer? What security guard turns down a 6'8'', 335 man down at the door? Whatever the case, the Vikings offensive line that just got 6 feet 8 inches shorter and 335 pounds lighter takes a huge hit here. So will Adrian Peterson. Over and over again. Teams can't lose their best offensive lineman and starting left tackle and expect to compete at the same high level. The injury prone Peterson was already being overrated going into this season and this news lowers his value even more. Four McKinnie-less weeks, including games against Green Bay, Indianapolis, and Tennessee no less, does not bode well for the Vikings running back. Don't expect the offensive tackle to get back into the swing of things right when he gets back in week 5 either. If you weren't taking LDT, SJax, Westbrook, and maybe even Addai, before Peterson already, you better start now. The passing game is also drastically affected by this. Rotoworld insightfully notes that "with guard Artis Hicks now on his blind side, Tarvaris Jackson could struggle to stay upright in the first four weeks." While it was news to me that Tarvaris Jackson had one side where he could see clearly in the first place, the point remains. Jackson will not have as much time in the pocket and the receivers will suffer. Avoid any members of this passing offense early in drafts.

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