Monday, August 25

No One Has The Guts To Say It But... Larry Fitzgerald Will Be A Bust

Over the course of the rest of this preseason, Tosten Burks will be making bold statements that all the other wimpy, bald experts are too afraid to make. These aren't bold because they're random and crazy; they're bold because no one else is standing up and spouting them. Ok, ok, first off let me define bust. Bust (bst) n. A player who performs at a level that is equal to that of a player taken at least two rounds lower. So let me get myself straight, I don't think Fitz will put up 300 and 2. There's a lot of different busts every year, some are minor, some are major. Larry Fitzgerald will be a minor bust. Let us take a look a look at some facts. Fact #1 - Larry Fitzgerald had 3 of his 5 best receiving performances in weeks that Anquan Boldin did not play in due to injury. Fact #2 - Anquan Boldin is not injured anymore. Fact #3 - Anquan Boldin only had on less touchdown than Larry Fitzgerald last season. In 4 less games. Fact #4 - Seven of Fitzgerald's 10 TD's came in a total of 5 games agaist the Rams, Lions, Bengals, and Saints. That's 4 of the worst pass defenses in the league. All Fitz does is pick on bad teams. Fact #5 - The Cardinals don't play the Lions, or the Bengals, or the Saints this year. Fact #6 - Fitzgerald will be drafted in the second or third round of your fantasy drafts. Fact #7 - Fitzgerald will put up numbers of a fith or sixth rounder.

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