Friday, August 29

I'm Famous. The First Linkage Of My Career

Hey all 12 readers out there who haven't come to FF Writers With Hair via Fanhouse, go to Fanhouse via FF Writers With Hair and check me out. I got the opportunity to spend some time in the House and as you'll see, (Bulger, Hassleback, Westbrook, LJ, McGahee, Colston, Boldin) I trashed the guest room and cleaned up. Although I may be biased. I also stole from the kitchen on my way out (Justin Fargas in the 10th). So go scope out the fun content over there if you're not one of the 95% of readers who didn't come from over there through the link. They just had a remodel. Plus most of the writers have hair. Have a joyous time.

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Tosten Burks said...

- Update -
The link didn't really help me at all. We didn't have any more page visits than normal. Thanks fanhouse.

So my apologies to the, let me see, 9 site visitors on Friday who I accused of not being regulars and just AOL link clickers.