Saturday, August 30

Rudi Gets Dropped and No One's Chanting

The Bengals just got a whole lot lighter, and probably faster, after releasing their former starting running back Rudi Johnson Saturday. The bald bowling ball of a back whose playing weight is supposedly 225 pounds has been plagued by injuries as of late and Cincinnati finally said they'd rather go with quantity and quality in Chris Perry and Kenny Watson rather than a lack of both in Johnson. I've been saying for a while that Chris Perry is the guy to have in Cincy regardless of what happened to Rudi, and now that Johnson has been cut that has never been more true. They're saying that Perry and Watson will be in a timeshare, but Chris Perry is the young, former first round pick who fits the mold of running back that Marvin Lewis loves, a strong, powerful, downhill guy. Perry's been starting in the preseason anyway. He'll be the every game starter, and I think can be counted on for 15-20 touches a game. Watson will get most of the receptions and most likely play on passing downs, but Perry definitely deserves to be snagged in the middle rounds of your last-weekend-before drafts.

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