Wednesday, October 29

Joseph Addai Off The Injury Report and Alex Still Hates Him

Indianapolis's 25-year-old touchdown machine Joseph Addai is officially off the pansy list injury report and it appears that his hamstring will definitely not hinder him from playing this weekend against the Patriots. Other than the fact that it must really suck to injure your hammy, this is also extremely good news for Addai's continued development as a young NFL running back trying to rise to that elite class of players with the likes of Ladainian Tomlinson, Brian Westbrook, Steven Jackson, and Marion Barber. He started out this year with four touchdowns in his first four games and looked powerful early on. With his returning around the same time that Dominic Rhodes goes down with an ankle injury, I can assure you that he'll put up solid, solid numbers in the short term. He has seemed injury prone in the past, however, and I would probably sell him high after he drops a couple big weeks with Rhodes on the bench. Meanwhile, fellow hairy fantasy football writer Alex Kozora is blissfully stabbing his Joseph Addai voodoo doll cackling something along the lines of, "You still suck. Hoo Ha Ha." Just ask us your fricking fantasy questions.

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Alex Kozora said...

Gotta love the voodoo doll.

Greatest. Invention. Ever.