Monday, October 27

Weekend Recap: Week 8

Halloween is just around the corner. The only day of the year where taking candy from strangers is perfectly acceptable. Ah yes, one of the best holidays for kids. The most famous line from this day is "Trick or treat!". Fantasy football can be broken down into guys who are tricks, one- or two-game wonders, or treats, players who are here to stay. - Ted Ginn's performance was definitely a trick. Coming into the Bills game, Ginn had 50 or more receiving yards in a game just once. He's a speedster with a QB who doesn't typically air it out. He isn't worth owning, let alone starting. - In case you were wondering, Anquan Boldin is here to stay. After missing two games due to injury, Boldin racked up 93 yards and two touchdowns against a pretty good Panthers' secondary in Carolina. Before this game, Boldin had at least 80 yards and/or a touchdown in all four games in which he played. The Cardinals offense is running strong. - Don't even think about it. Tyler Thigpen isn't a viable option for anyone. The Jets pass defense isn't nearly as good as its run defense (23rd compared to fourth, respectively). Thigpen's weapons are fairly limited, and overall, he has to work on his decision making. - Andre Johnson has quietly had a fantastic season, including at least nine catches and 100 or more yards his past four games. Granted, these performances were against relatively easy teams, but Johnson has big talent and has built good chemistry with Matt Schaub. - Hop onto the Donnie Avery bandwagon with me. Though it's only been two games, Avery has shown his ability to get down the field and Marc Bulger reportedly "has caught up to Avery's 4.2 speed." - Brandon Jacobs' poor showing against the Steelers was a trick. Jacobs is still an extremely talented back; the Steelers rush defense showed that it was one of the best in the league. It doesn't help when your QB tips off the defense either. We are not only unafraid to talk to strangers, we're full on prepared to hop into their email van and take their fantasy football question candy.

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