Monday, October 27

The HAIRY'S: Week 8

We've had some major technical difficulties, but we here at FFWWH have finally managed to get the HAIRY's up and running at full force. On a personal note, I've neglected this part of this blog for a while now, but I'm ready and back in full force to bring you my take and deliver sound fantasy football advice. So let's get to the chase, Cheeseheads, Bolts fans, and anyone else I've left out.

The Sixth Sense Award (For Biggest Surprise)
And the award goes to... RB Brian Westbrook, Eagles While he isn't a surprise player, Westy was coming off of a bye week, and he completely dominated a Falcons defense and showed he's a definite top-three RB for the rest of the year. He might even garner top-player considerations in a fantasy football season that has lacked a complete consistent superstar.
The Last Indiana Jones Movie Whose Name You Can't Remember Because it Sucked So Badly Award (For Biggest Bust)
And the award goes to... WR Plaxico Burress, Giants While Plax wasn't supposed to completely go off on Pittsburgh, he was at least supposed to get more than one measly fantasy point. Though he probably will bounce back and is the No. 1 target for a great team and offense, Plax still disappointed many with his lackluster performance.
Lord, Del's Cup (Awarded To The Coach Who Orchestrated The Biggest Team of Stooges)
And the award goes to... Tony Dungy, Indianapolis Colts Going for it on 4th down twice against a strong Titans defense at the beginning of the 4th quarter? Those two moves made absolutely no sense and the situation called for a conservative take on the game, yet Dungy endangered, and really even killed, his team by going for it on both downs. Not-so-wise choices from one of the better coaches in the NFL. [Ed's Note: Dungy went for it once in the 4th quarter: on 4th-and-2 from the Titans' 34 down three; he also went for it late in the 3rd, on 4th-and-1 from their own 49, with the score tied. The percentages actually point to going for it, and Dungy should be applauded for his "braveness." My opinion. —Z.F.]
The Paris Hilton Award (For the Player Who Screwed The Most Owners This Week)
And the award goes to... RB Steven Jackson, Rams While Jackson didn't even play this week, he still killed most of his owners who took a chance of starting him and left him in their lineups on Sunday morning. This despite SJax's being one of the late scratches, reassurances from head coach Jim Haslett that Jackson would "be fine for Sunday" notwithstanding. Yeah, nothing like checking back in around 2:00 on your fantasy team to see a big goose egg in a No. 1 RB slot, especially if you had DeAngelo Williams on your bench.
The Chad Johnson/Ocho Cinco Award (For the Most Overblown Story of the Week)
And the award goes to... The Never-ending Kellen Winslow Saga Where to start? The mysterious staph infection or the lies from the coaches and front office? While Winslow has claimed to have been "told to keep his infection quiet"—especially with the fact that Cleveland has had six outbreaks of staph since the 2003 season—this only makes it that much more confusing and bothering. But the suspension of Winslow for last week's game was definitely the topper of this story. With this, no one truly knows what really happened, and that's probably how it's going to stay.

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