Saturday, June 28

Pluto Nash of the Day

Summer vacation means one thing to me, insomnia. I absolutely am unable to get any sleep during these three or so months. Early this morning, as I laid in bed unable to sleep, I pulled out an old fantasy football magazine from the 2006 season. I flipped through it and laughed and some of their projections; Aaron Brooks #10, Dante Culpepper at #11, Domanick Davis at #11, along with countless others. I happened to come across David Garrard's name in the book, and saw a typo I had never noticed before. They projected from him to have somewhere between 56 and 58 interceptions. Wow, talk about being pessimistic! Must've been thought of a huge bust in that magazine's eyes. While my "Pluto Nash of the Day" is a QB, I won't predict him to be that bad. Eli Manning/QB Giants: This isn't because I think Peyton's brother is a bad player, but his draft position is inflated because of a great playoff run. That's what makes me consider him a bust. Today, in fantasy football, it's all about "what have you done for me lately". Manning is one of the best last impressions made upon fantasy owners, as he played tremendously in the playoffs, capping it off with an upset over the New England Patriots. How quickly we forget that Eli had a pretty rough regular season. What happened to the good ol' days where Giants' fans rioted in the streets, bashing Eli? It's amazing that a span of 5 games can drastically chagne public opinion. Last year, Manning's QB rating didn't even reach 74. His completion percentage, even worse, 56.1%. That's Derek Anderson-esque, and you know my thoughts on him. He led the Giants to being ranked only 23rd in YPA, 5.51. (includes sacks) How do we not remember that he's never thrown for less than 17 INT's, or that he threw only 3 more TD's than INT's in the regular season this year? I won't say he'll throw 56 picks this year, but expect his turnover's to stay high. Manning still has a lot of growing he needs to do before I'm sold on him.

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