Thursday, September 11

From the Man Cave Sofa Chronicles: Man Crush Thursday!

Is there a better activity in the world than chilling down in the man cave discussing football and girls? Red blooded American males say it in unison, "No." Of course not. This is why every Thursday FFWWH will let you all in on our own couch talk about football. And girls. And football playing girls. The down side? Football playing girls don't matter in the type of fantasy football that this site is specifically about. So uhh, we kind of had to improvise and work with what we have. So, umm, this feature will be about our mancrushes. (Ya, ya, cue the "figures, he's from California" jokes, blah, blah) Moving on. Here's each of our respective man crushes for week 1. A-Koz With Marques Colston out 4-6 weeks and consequently it opens the door for new players to shine in the Saints' high-powered offense (plus it makes Tosten totally screwed in the 20 team league we're both in).

One of those is David Patten. This week, Patten gets to go against the depleted Washington secondary, who got torched last week. Plaxico Burress put up big numbers against them, having 10 receptions for over 130 yards. Patten in the #1 WR this week and there really isn't a true #2 on the team with Colston out, similar to New York. Robert Meachem has struggled with route-running and wasn't even active yet, and Devery Henderson is more hit-or-miss than my jokes.
Stat Boy I’ll start my mancrush analysis with a comparison of two players, with their stats from last year (both prorated to 515 pass attempts). Player A: 65% completion percentage, 4040 yards, 31 touchdowns, and 14 interceptions Player B: 60% completion percentage, 4010 yards, 35 touchdowns, and 18 interceptions You might recognize Player A as Peyton Manning. But Player B? Those are the stats allowed by the Miami Dolphins’ passing defense last year, and those would have been good for third among all quarterbacks last year. Which is why my week two mancrush is Kurt Warner. Last year from week 10 on, nobody had as many touchdowns as Warner (not even Tom Brady), plus his passer rating at home was 18 points higher than on the road (and in case you were wondering, this week the Cards are at home). Besides the obvious Tony Romo and Peyton Manning, there is no other quarterback I'd rather have this week.. New Guy Call me a bandwagoner (Ed note: oh don't worry, we will), but I'm going Chris Johnson. Johnson proved he's here to stay with his coming out party against the "highly" touted Jaguars defense. Now that he's facing a defense that gave up 100 yards to Le'Ron McClain, I think Johnson has a field day and easily surpases 100 yards rushing, as well as a few receiving yards and a TD. And trust me, the best is yet to come with this kid, and if you don't grab him while you can, he'll be more coveted than Elisha Cuthbert's phone number. Tosten Burks Tiffany Toth. No question about it. You thought I was gonna start a column, "Is there a better activity in the world than chilling down in the man cave discussing football and girls?" and not provide some gorilla biscuits? You underestimate me. But seriously, this week you have got to start Ryan Grant. He's playing the Lions. Last week, Michael Turner put up 200 yards and two scores against Detroit. Lost in the BT madness was Jerious Norwood, who also put up 93 rushing yards and one touchdown. That's 300 and three. By the Falcons. Ryan Grant's totals are gonna be higher than Mario Chalmers this week.

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