Wednesday, September 10

The Weekly Post of Irrelevance

If Jerry Seinfeld was a fantasy football blogger... This is where I ramble about bull crap that may or may not have anything to do with fantasy football. Link postage, yo momma jokes, reviews; anything is valid. Because I know you get tired of reading fantasy info all day during work and are in need of some mindless relief. Video of the Week Or Something Link Dump The most reasonable thing I've heard all week. Football Guys Blog Aren't social networking sites designed to meet chicks? I don't think these will help out a whole lot. Rotomania and Football Jabber Locker Room Bill Simmons is back. So are his haters. The Sports Hernia Cue a group moan. Jay Glazer A Dallas Cowboy in the top two at every position except running back. Marion Barber was four. Super Bowl favorites? Roto Arcade From the Bad Joke Department Heard of Dead Baby jokes? Vince Young almost became one. 1000 Words

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