Friday, June 27

Friday Night Fight (That Happens During The Day!) - Michael Turner

Every Friday, Alex and I will present you with a player that we disagree on. We'll stab each other in the throats and argue about him for a while, and then show you our two sides of the debate. Sounds fun doesn't it? Hold up, while you answer that, lemme go check to see how Alex is doing in urgent care... Michael Turner Alex Kozora's Opinion: Borderline top 20, weak second string running back in 12 team leagues, early to mid fourth round pick I like my top 15 backs to be proven. Turner is anything but. He's never had more than 80 carries in his career, and that was in a solid Chargers offense. Now, he's in Atlanta, the farthest thing from being like San Diego. The Falcons' offensive line is extremely questionable and if Matt Ryan starts, which could happen early in the season, defenses will stack the box and force Matt Ryan to beat them. Jerious Norwood coul also steal more carries than people think, too. He's done very well in his backup role the past two seasons. Tosten Burks's Opinion: Top 15, strong second string running back even in small leagues, mid to late 2nd round pick The reason I like Burner Turner a lot is simple. Opportunity. He's going to have all the chances in the world to prove that he can carry the load and be a fantasy stud. He has a rookie quarterback that will lean on the running game. There's no real receiving threat that will take tons of looks away from Atlanta's running game. The new offensive coordinator, Mike Mularkey, is a run-first coach. Yes, there's Jerious Norwood, but here's where a stat really stands out. Everywhere Mularkey has gone as an offensive coordinator or head coach, there has always been a single running back who's gotten the majority of the carries. 2004 in Buffalo, McGahee had 17.7 cpg as to Henry's 5.9. Year 2005 in Buffalo, McGahee had 20.3 cpg as to Shaud Williams's 2.6. 2 seasons ago in 2006 in Miami, Brown had 18.5 cpg to Morris's 7.6 (most of which came in the games that Brown missed due to injury.) Basically, Mularkey always gives his feature back the majority of the touches. Turner is the feature back. He'll get the majority of the touches, and I think those opportunities will allow him to have the ball in his hands enough to be a solid number 2 rb option for your fantasy team. Yes, my argument went longer. I understand that quality beats quantity. That's why I win.

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