Friday, June 27

Rip Van Winkle of the Day

I couldn't get away from talking about sleepers for more than a day. I need help; I think I'll start a 12-step program. But for today, I'm still addicted to sleepers. Martellus Bennett/TE Dallas: Because I'm a giant nerd, I did a seven round NFL mock draft in April. My predictions were pretty terrible; I only got ten picks correct out of the entire thing. Please, hold your laughter. I did find out one thing when I read scouting reports for potential draftees: Bennett has the physical tools to become a star tight end in the league. He's an asset in both the passing and running game. Meaning, he can catch and block. I am fully aware of the fact Jason Witten is the start in Dallas, and that won't change. However, according to Rotworld, a local Dallas paper had this to say. "Jason Witten will play more snaps as a wide receiver this season, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Someone needs to get the local rag a memo that Witten already saw a huge percentage of his targets lined up as a wideout. While Witten isn't quite as effective out wide, he's ultimately their No. 2 receiver and should see more pass targets than ever" With Witten playing more and more at WR, Bennett will have a chance to start at TE in those situations. Given his talent, he could make an impact. Don't get me wrong, there is no reason to devalue Witten. If anything, his value is as high as ever. But with Witten playing more WR, other players will get their chances in Dallas' potent offense.

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