Tuesday, June 24

Rip Van Winkle of the Day

I'm pretty bummed out today. Yesterday, I found out something about myself: I suck at blog pimping. I'm absolutely terrible at it. A walrus has more blog pimping ability than me. (I forgot to mention: I'm the Don Imus of the walrus community.) If there is one thing that'll cheer me up, it'll be talking about one of my favorite sleepers of the year. Not only does he have a sweet name, he, in my mind, has the potential to be the Owen Daniels of this year. Martrez Milner/TE Atlanta- Anybody and everybody who even follows the NFL knows that Atlanta has a terrible receiving core. There's Roddy White and...um...well, there's Roddy White. This leaves the door wide open for a new target to emerge. Milner, known more for his pass catching ability, could be just what the doctor ordered. (Although, now that I think about it, if a doctor were to order anything in Atlanta, it'd probably be a plane ticket to get out of there.) He showed some flashes in his rookie year last year before a knee injury ended his season, but he is now fully recovered from that. While Atlanta's QB situation is worse than Shaq's rapping ability, rookie QB Matt Ryan, assuming he gets a lot of playing time, (And judging by the money he just got, I'd say he'll get a lot of PT.) could look to his TE a lot as a safety valve. I wouldn't suggest drafting Milner in leagues 12 teams or less, but he is one guy I'm going to keep my eye on and try to snag in the late rounds of deep leagues.

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