Thursday, June 26

Pluto Nash of the Day

Would you look at that, I won't be talking about a sleeper today. Surprised? I am. Instead of talking about a player who is underrated, we'll be discussing a player who I think is overrated. Someone who I think could be as big of a bust as one of the worst movies of all time, The Adventures of Pluto Nash. I am ecsatic I never saw the movie. Derek Anderson/QB Cleveland: This may or may not be because I am a Steelers fan and consequently, I hate the Browns. Joking aside, (if you can call that pathetic attempt and trying to get a laugh a joke) there are some alarming numbers from Anderson last year. First off, his completion percentage was terrible last year, a mere 56.4%. In comparison, Tarvaris Jackson recorded over a 58% completion percentage last year. You know your QB has red flags when Tarvaris freakin' Jackson is doing better than you over the course of a season. Last year, Anderson had a poor completion rate as well, 56.5%. The numbers suggest that they won't be getting much better anytime soon. Anderson started to come back to Earth towards the end of the year, throwing 9 TD's and 10 INT's from Week 12 and on. Don't forget that opposing teams have an entire offseason to gameplan against Anderson and to try to come up with ways to slow him down. In my opinion, it's too early too tell whether or not Anderson is the real deal of a fluke. His draft position is making it seem like he already is the real deal and that is simply not yet the case.

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