Wednesday, June 25

Rip Van Winkle of the Day

Who would've imagined it; the Pirates actually beat the Yankess last night. And they didn't just beat them, they destroyed them. I figured the Dolphins would have a better shot to win the Super Bowl this year than for the Pirates to blow away the Yankess the way they did. Talk about surprises. Speaking of surprises, here's another surprise candidate for the 2008 season. Fred Jackson/RB Buffalo: I am very concerned that Marshawn Lynch could be yet another victim of the sophomore slump. And I hate that thought because I think Lynch is a talented young back. It seems to me that Buffalo may just be putting too much of the workload on Lynch's shoulder's, increasing the risk for injury. Last year, Lynch had 280 carries. By comparison, Carnell Williams had 290 rushing attempts his rookie year. Don't forget, Lynch only played in 13 games, he missed three with an ankle injury. 280 carries in 13 games for a rookie running back! Almost unheard of. I remember a lot of people questioning whether or not John Gruden was putting too much of a burden on Caddy early in his career. I'm quite surprised the same questions have evaded Lynch and the Bills. While injuries are near impossible to predict, there is some evidence that Lynch could get hurt. I won't move Lynch down in my rankings because of that, like I said guessing injuries is well, guesswork, but in the event he does get hurt, Jackson is the clear backup. Current rookie Xavier Omon may vulture some red zone carries, but it'll be Jackson's job to lose.

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